Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

I’ve been living under the proverbial rock; I knew the existence of MvC3 and the general info but never cared to look deeper than the surface. Being an avid player of the all the past MvC games (I still play them from time to time), me not having any initial interest in this game seems kinda wrong. Just out of completely random curiosity, I checked up on the current status of this game and now my interest is piqued. This might be old news to some of you but here are my thoughts anyhow…

On the gameplay…

– 3 vs. 3; hyper combos; level 3 supers… seems like standard fare taken from Tasunoko vs. Capcom

– Wow… it’s beautiful… so much special effects going on that I don’t even know what the hell is going on sometimes…

– Funky messages.. WHUNK! STYLISH!

– stages are so beautiful… they are almost distracting.

– control setup adapted from TvC (3 attack buttons)… ugh. This is pretty disappointing. It’s not that the new control setup is bad (it is quite intuitive actually), per se but… it makes playing the game a bit boring. More importantly, complete controls over the characters are lost. It feels like driving a semi-automatic car after driving manual the whole time. Dumbing the control system down to appeal to more people? wth? Top rows being punches. bottom rows being kicks. low, medium, fierce. What’s so difficult to grasp in the original setup? It’s not like the people who are pros now were pros back when they started. The basic learning curve is not high.

On the Characters…

– so ~40 characters… less than MvC2 but that’s expected. I much prefer a smaller but more refined roster than a dumping ground of sprites.

– I really don’t care for most of them…mostly due to having no idea who they are ^^;.

– Where is Strider? Captain Commando? Servebot? Hayato? Jin? Well… I supposed they can always come back later…

– New voices for some characters sound really whack… like Ryu and Spider-Man. In this case, I would gladly keep their voice clips that Capcom had been using since Marvel Super Heroes and Street Fighter vs. X-Men.

Biggest shock…

ZERO! Well, I shouldn’t be so shocked… since they got his character and move set built from TvC so it would be pretty easy to just port him over with some tweaks. Still… glad to see that he is back and slashing!  Still no sign of X though…

Looks like they upped level of hack-n-slash even more compared to TvC… I didn’t even think it was possible o_o. And what’s that? Did he just THREW A GIANT FIREBALL?! What is going on here?! :D Me being a fanboy of Zero, I would get this game just to play as him like I did with TvC. But first, I need to get myself a PS3… such an expensive machine u_u

Marvel vs. Capcom 3… your thoughts?


30 thoughts on “Marvel Vs. Capcom 3

  1. heh Zero’s move sets are distinctive from X4 to X8 as some are familiar to me…

    if Zero could wield the Sigma Blade I might consider xD.

    kidding aside I guess the improvements they made on MvsC3 is far more better, as the unnecessary characters are removed, and I think the moves this time looks more painful than the previous. thats just my thoughts on this

  2. I’m running out of fighting games as most of them started moving the current-gen consoles that I would probably never get for a long time T_T

    hope the Umineko fighting game would be good.

  3. Marvel Vs Capcom 3 definitely worth waiting and playing.
    After so long, they finally make the 3rd of this series.

    The biggest hurdle is the only fact that this game needs a PS3, and it cost like 1/144 dendrobium + gp03, huhuhu… T_T

  4. Looks interesting but i don’t get into fighting games all that much get board of them pretty fast. the lasted fight game i think i played heavily was probably Gundam Battle Assault 3 LOL that came out what 5 years ago don’t remember.

  5. MORRIGAN! Fan service all day!
    Wish they involved the cooler looking zero from the z series…
    Street fighter chars in MvC tend to feel pretty lame as compared to the actual street fighter game with the lack of advanced controls, but why not have some fun spamming moves on a newb some time? :P

  6. Yea I was kinda surprised at the new button scheme but it works. Have you actually played it? I got a chance to play it at NYCC/NYAF couple months back its really really good. I got used to the new buttons and while it is a bit easy you can pull off some elaborate combos. I already pre ordered the special edition for 360 :-)

    1. I have not played it but I do have TvC and the controls are very intuitive albeit simple. I just prefer the full 6-button attack layout, that’s all.

  7. mhmm…I’ve never played any of the games you’ve mentioned above, but after watching the video, it seems alright. I too want a PS3, if only for the Gundam Games…I’m more of an avid Nintendo fan, and I pretty much hate Xbox, so I’ll be trying to get a PS3 just for some of the newer Gundam games…

    On a side note though, if they had a fighting game like this, only with Gundam characters, I’d totally buy…simply because usually Gundam games are just strategies…not many of them actually put you in control of said Gundam to actually fight. >.>

    Kinda reminds me of Brawl only with better graphics…

    1. “Marvel vs. Capcom 3 uses a simplified, three-button control scheme of undefined light, medium, and hard attacks modeled after Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars…” -From Wiki.

      I have TvC so I’m only basing my thoughts accordingly.

      1. well, wiki isnt really a good place to get info from, mvc3 uses 6 buttons light medium hard for both kicks and punches, 2 support buttons, pushing the support button summons your support and holding it swithces character, they also have a new system for newbies where it is easier for them to do comboes, but with limited moves set.

  8. well.. I played a couple of times a couple of years ago.. and we build a arcade game in my house, and we have it. The game play is pretty good for the time it was created.. It turned into a classic in my eyes..

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