Gunpla Giveaway Winner

I’ve received about 90 entries for the holiday Gunpla giveaway so it took me some time to go through all the answers ^^;.  Most of you are probably anticipating the answers to the six questions so let’s get straight to the point!

1. Which month do you think has the most traffic on this blog this year? HINT: One a week

That would be September… which I was temporarily notorious for my WIFP (Work in Fast Progress) and releasing one new review almost every week. Since this month had the most contents (reviews, posts, etc) compared to the rest of the year, then it would make sense for it to also have the most traffic ^^;. Do you remember… the 21st night of September?

2. Guess the traffic/stat count (blog hits) for said busiest month. Hint: 2 millionth mark reached at the end of August; look at the hits now. Use that to guess. Your answer is considered correct if it is within +/-10,000 of the real number (example: if answer is 100,000 then your answer must be between 90,000-110,000).

173,081 total hits for the month of September. So the correct answer would have been anywhere between 163k-183k (or 168k-178k if you were aiming for the better prize).

3. Which Gunpla review here has the most hits on the first day of being posted? (You don’t have to guess the hits, just the model)

This model.

SF’s review alone racked up over 1k views on the day I published it ^^;. Don’t mind that little bar before it… Daylight Saving Time screwed the stats a bit.

I stated that the first three questions are all related (all September) so if you missed question 1, then there’s a high chance that you would also miss 2 and 3… unless you didn’t follow the hint.

The next three questions are pretty much freebies…

4. What is my all-time favorite Gunpla pose? HINT: You see it in just about every review

This. Your basic simple stance. At the end of the day, I don’t care what the model can or can’t do as long as it can look great standing like this! I took any answer that fits (“GFF stance”/standing pose/standing there holding weapon/stand/etc.). I think I actually mentioned this on several occasion AND I even flat-out said it on my Gunpla and Photography 2 post the day before the contest! xD

Some of you were linking me to all sorts of photos or describing the pose to me something like “hands pointing to the right, ass sticking up, holding weapons, legs apart, shoulder tilted, heads angled down, body turned 85*…”… and I just got confused @.@. Alternately…

I also gave you the point if you said anything along the lines of “Gundam/Rider/(character) kick”.

Questions 5 and 6 are complete freebies; just answering 5 nets you a point and I thought 6 was pretty much a given… but I was wrong.


I didn’t record any hard statistics of the answers I received but here’s what I noticed…

– For question 1, I’d say a good 50% of the entries got the correct answer. The other popular answer was August.

– A lot more people answered question 2 correctly than I expected :D. Many were within the 10k range but only a few came within 5k. Felt like maybe 30-40% got this right? The answers were extreme across the spectrum; there were guesses that range from 10k all the way to 3 million (which this blog hasn’t even hit yet…).

– Many who answered August for Q1, answered the MG Red Frame for Q3. A majority who answered September for Q1 went with the MG SF though some also guessed MG Shining. a bit more people got this question wrong than Q2  it seems…

– I’d say about a good 80% got Q4 right? I also noticed something strange… many who managed to get 1-3 right, somehow managed to get only this question wrong ^^;.

– Recurring feedbacks: shorten the comment section (done!), more posts (trying to), more food and cooking posts, faster reviews, paint my models.

– One person… JUST ONE PERSON… got #6 wrong and said Guns.

– Majority of the scores range from 1-3; lowest was -3; better scorers all got a 4; Winner got a 6.

– Some entries felt like they were all submitted by the same person…


Congratulations to [name removed on request]! Talk about internet shyness o_o! You got all the answers right (September, 180,000, MG Strike Freedom, GFF Stance, (feedback), Swords) for a total of six points! You can have any gunpla of your choice up to 2010 yen. It’s on me :D. I’ll contact you in a bit to work things out ^^.

As for the rest of you, GOOD WORK, SOLDIER! Thank you for participating and hope you at least enjoyed this while it lasted. Do not be disappointed because there’ll always be more to come. Thank you all for the continual support here as well! Have a wonderful holiday!


41 thoughts on “Gunpla Giveaway Winner

  1. Congratz to the anonymous winner!

    Looks like I got a 0 for my entry with my “safe” answers. XP Had a half feeling that the SF would be more popular than the Astray but decided to go Astray instead. Ah well.

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