Deformover Daizengar and Trombe GET!

An early Christmas present to myself if you will ^^;.


For an SD figure, the boxes are HUEG!

Let’s save all the “real men ride each other” jokes until I review these two okay? xD

Front of box can be opened to show you the inside. They are so shiny and really detailed!

URGH! I have the urge to cleave something right now!



20 thoughts on “Deformover Daizengar and Trombe GET!

  1. Wah, nice Christmas get. I remember seeing those at the shelves of the local hobby shop and I’m wondering if they are still there right now. XP

    I just got myself some stuff myself as well (2 RDs and 1 SIC Kiwami). Sword Bits, another 7 Sword Gundam and Blade *obvious hint*. >.>

  2. Wow those are pretty rare already by now, where do you get it Z? Definitely looking forward for your review

    I was planning to get deformover Alteisen Nacht and Weissritter back then but they were sold out :x

  3. Lucky, I don’t even have money (yet anyway) to buy my own christmas gift. =(

    And if you wanna cleave something, might as well go to the kitchen, lots of things to cleave in your fridge I bet. =3

  4. What the…? New mecha fiures again? loll, looks like ur getting into more and more figure-types now…but you said you’d be getting a fresh shippment of Gunpla soon right? ^^;

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