Gundam Ace January Issue GET!

Picked this up at my local Kinokuniya for only $16 today. The lady told me it was the only copy they had in the shipment so I wasn’t able to pick up another one to give away to you. Sorry ^^;

Not sure if I’ll actually read the book itself but I might skimp through it every now and then…

Obviously, this was my main target xD. Finally something to go with my Unicorn Gundam Head Display.  Not sure when I will work on this though… Not only do I have to paint the gold trims, I now have to paint in the black as well! O_O




11 thoughts on “Gundam Ace January Issue GET!

  1. :D
    Does that mean an HGUC Shinanju?
    Or no… you have a head display for the HGUC Unicorn but you don’t have one…

  2. Don’t forget the gray -_-”
    The unicorn head at least looked “acceptable” without painting because it’s practically white and there are two colours of runners. This freaking sinanju has only one colour while it has more colours than the uni, and if you are OCD you got to find the correct paint for the monoeye…

  3. nice!!! i would like to have one as well to go with my MG Sinanju. i’ve been in loved with sinanju since i’ve bought it. any im also looking for the bazooka for sinanju but i can’t find any.

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