GG INFINITE: G-SHOT! Gunpla Photo Contest

Gunpla contests are awesome. Photography contests are also awesome. Gunpla and Photography together is a match made in heaven. Gundam Guy/GG Infinite is beginning a Gunpla Photography contest, aptly titled “G-SHOT”, beginning in January. You can check out all the details of the contest on his blog post. Here’s a quick summary:

– 5 categories to enter: Best Gunpla Photo, Best Diorama, Best Customized, Best Paint Job, Best Straight Built.

– The judges are Gundam Guy himself, Syd (Gaijin Gunpla), Don Carlos (DC23), Sonar (creator and admin of Gundam Australia) and Derringer (Bluefin rep)

– You can only submit 2 images per category but you can enter as many categories as you like; one model per entry.

– Submission is open from January, 1st to the 22nd.

– Everyone from around the world is welcomed to join!

hahah my adrenaline is rushing! A Gunpla photo contest! I am in! And this time… I’ll be giving it my all. I just hope the conditions are right when the time comes and I won’t be too busy (contest starts right when the term begins ^^;). I think the biggest rewards out of these contests come from being able to see different works of gunpla and photography coming from around the world all in one place AND learning a thing or two from it, be it gunpla or photography-related. I just hope I can see many great photos and be able to pick up a few new ideas that I can use to improve and expand my own photo skills in the future. That would be the best!

Hope all of you will join as well, even if it is just for fun! The more the merrier! Good luck and see you on the photographic “battlefield”! ;)


35 thoughts on “GG INFINITE: G-SHOT! Gunpla Photo Contest

  1. yeah!!! saw this last night at Facebook, me and my buddies are already thinking on who will we use, and what to do with them.. doesn’t matter whether we win or lose but the fun of joining and seeing entries counts..

    good luck to everyone!!

  2. I’ve never entered a Gunpla-related contest before. I’ve never actually thought of my stuff as competition-worthy.

    Until recently. I got me a Canon Powershot and I’m ready to rumble.

    Yosh! Shobu da!!

  3. I’m sure Z would dominate in the “Best Gunpla Photo” category…or best straight built. xP

    I certainly do want to enter this, but…straight built is a rather broad term…I’ve read G.G.’s blog post, and apparently “straight build” can mean “touched up with paint and detailing, but not CUSTOMIZING”
    I’ve always thought of “straight built” as “nothing added to the model; just snap and go.”

    1. Don’t jinx me please xP.

      I’m sure there are many gunpla photographers out there who will humble me.

      I think my models would be a good example of what he meant by “straight built”… you can do anything short of painting as long as it stays true to the “stock” look ^^;.

    2. I’m actually thinking about answering the contest (provided a few questions of mine are answered). I personally think “straight built” wasn’t too broad. Sure, technically a few touch-ups means it isn’t straight-built, but unless it’s an MG or certain newer HG 1/144s, they’d only look half-way decent at best or if lucky at all.
      If I were to go under that category and submit pictures of my Kapool straight-built, it would look mediocre and truly unfinished. Go to the Hobby no Toriko website and see for yourself; the pictures in the 1/144 Kapool gallery is basically straight-built.

      Assuming I join the contest under Straight Build (I wouldn’t hold a candle any other way, and I think I won’t regardless), I think I might hurry up in building a few of my 1/144 TAG models and see if I can submit photos of the FLAT. My Zaku I–unless I use a previous photo–would probably have to go to the Customized Gunpla category, given how it looks with my excess marker usage and how it looks sort-of like a lousy paint job half-withered away by elements (if not also age).

      1. “I’m actually thinking about answering the contest[…]”

        Ugh. I meant entering the contest, but regardless of the reason (tired/wanting to do other things), that was pathetic. *sigh*

        Also, should I enter, I’m assuming my only available options–for now–are the 1/144s I have; I doubt I can get through building them all (in recieved order) to get to my first MG (Deathscythe), unless I set myself into a crazy trance and do nothing but build for days.

        1. or… you know, you can always work on the MG Deathscythe first and enter that in instead of your 1/144 models ;)

          This contest seems to lean more toward photo-based than gunpla-based on deciding the winner so if you can get the photos to look exceptional, then maybe you’ll have a chance? Who knows…

          1. Well, answer me this: Which has a bigger chance of showing up in the contest: the 1/144-scaled FLAT? Or the MG 1/100-scaled Deathscythe ver. EW? I think even if you use any other model (of either scale) in the TAG line-up (with the possible exception of the MG, but I’ll be bold enough to say that included), the answer would be plainly obvious… Outside of shifting my priorities and model-choices, or replacing “MG DS ver. EW” with “DSH (either scale) converted to DS ver. EW with B-Club parts), of course. *shrug*

            Plus, I like to build in order of when I get the models, and I won’t change that for the contest. So, while I like Katoki and his designs (even the GW ones coming out as MGs such as the upcoming Shenlong that has a small chance of being released on my birthday), I think I’ll give good ol’ Syd Mead and Atsushi Shigeta a chance. Someone else might give Katoki a GW-related chance first; perhaps with Wing Zero more-so than the others.

            And yeah, the photos matter a lot more than the Gunpla, but the Gunpla is at least half the fun, thus the big deal I’m kind-of making my choosing of Gunpla to take photos of. Although I ask of using photos of my straight-built Zaku I, as I think more about it, I think I may just go the TAG route after all. The Correct Century needs to have a little more representation, anyway. :)

            But that’s assuming I enter after clarifying any confusion I might’ve caused GG to have before I enter. Note to self: never mention yourself in the third person when asking questions for a contest. *sigh* Oh, well. *shrug*

            1. Well, there certainly will be no shortage of popular MG but I don’t think uniqueness (in terms of model choice) will play much of a role so might as well go with the best model you got ^^;.

              Well hope you get your answers soon so you can actually join a contest for once :P

              1. I thought I’d just copy my text above to reply since I already addressed the fact that it’s more of how the Gunpla is photographed rather than the choice/diversity of Gunpla, but that’s just a waste of squeezing text to just one row per column, or worse. :P

                So, once more: I’m well aware of the fact it’s the photo that matters more and I need not build by receive date or build at all, but just make sure my camera and lighting is working good. And I’ll do that with my dust-free, smudge-heavy Kodak camera. :P But half the fun for me is the Gunpla themselves, and–once again–that’s why I made a big deal about Gunpla choice here. So I better start building soon. Even if I don’t enter, this is a good incentive for me. :)

                Good luck, Z.

  4. Thanks for informing us about this since I was pretty disconnected from the internet during my vacation. XP

    I already know which model kit to enter for one of the entries but for straight build… maybe I’ll use something that will come in stock at the local shop soon (I’ve been waiting for it a while). ^^

    At any rate, good luck to all who will be entering and have fun posing. :D

      1. The Gunpla has been out for a while, just that I haven’t any luck getting it since it hasn’t arrive at the usual shop here. Going to other places (my travels this year) always, for quite the obvious reason, have it out of stock. ^^;

        Well, we’ll see if I can get it before the deadline. XP

  5. Fufufu, sweet sweet, maybe we can see unique photos from this event. I think the Sword Impulse will do Justice in Santa mode, wait Char/Johnny’s Zaku is more suitable for wearing Santa Hat ^^. Errr what is the category for the Gundam puns? Hohoho.

  6. *gulps* my confidence was 60 at first. After seeing the list of names it just shot down to 20. But i am quite confident of my effect adding skills. I am going for it!! Still deciding which gunpla to use… Well even if I don’t get to win, I tried right? Since I am still considered beginner, I won’t feel bad even if I hadn’t win. Oh by the way Z I just made my part 2 of my stop motion gundam – War for Peace, and since there’s some kamen rider features in it I figured you might like it, mind giving my blog a hit and watch that video?^^ I like it a lot. It’s from kamen rider 555 since it’s my favourite kamen rider series.

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