Dust in Lumix GF1 Screen

Dust is annoying one of humankind’s (at least this side of it) greatest nemesis and we all hate it. Unfortunately, just like cockroaches, it will be one of the left things taking over the world after a nuclear war/apocalypse. Damn it… how the hell they do it?! After putting my GF1 under my lamp, I saw as much as 7 pieces of dust INSIDE MY SCREEN (it’s not shown too clearly so I circled them; that piece of LINT on the left is for real though)! ARGHHHH!!! I can’t clean it out! How the hell did they get in?! WHO? WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? WHY? It haven’t even been six months since I bought this camera ;_;. There are also some very light scratches to the screen but those I don’t mind so much, oddly enough. I have my Canon XSi for over two years and it only has a couple of light scratches but no dust inside the screen at all. Oh well… at least I can’t see the dust when the LCD is on and at least it is not on a more important part of the camera like the sensor. I don’t think a screen protector would help any in this case because the screen glass is slightly raised above the surface and I doubt that’s where the dust enters. I JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND!

Sorry… just had to take this post to rant ^^;.


15 thoughts on “Dust in Lumix GF1 Screen

  1. Same story with screen protectors (¬.¬)
    How you liking your GF1? I’m thinking of getting one my self(when the GF2 get out and makes the GF1 price drop that is ^_^)

    1. I love my GF1! I use it for everything else in life except my photo reviews because the lens just doesn’t cut it for that purpose. Other than that, it is equal to or beats my XSi.

  2. That kinda sucks but like all things made by man they do ware out. Some thing more then others Dosnt matter how hard you try to keep screen from getting scratched or messed up they still get scratched LOL

  3. Ah, yes…good to see I’m not the only one. For as long as I remember, I’ve always seen flecks of dust underneigth my Walkman’s sceen…I kept trying to wipe it off, but soon discovered it was below it…which is when I gave up. >.>

    I don’t think it should bother you all that much though…there’s dust everywhere; as I type I just saw a small speck float by and tickle my nose. You really can’t see dust unless it’s in light (direct sunlight reveals them pretty eaily), but in reality, they’re just out shredded skin. xP

  4. ahm also have the same problem with my phone. for some insane reason dust accumulated at its side, and yea inside the protective screen!!!! I can see it also when the light is on… been meaning to open the sucker out but I’m too afraid to do so cause I dunno how to assemble it, its not like those Nokia 5110 where the casing is interchangeable for color variations.. @_@

  5. As someone who uses a scanner often, I absolutely HATE dust and splotches on a screen. But at least your case, the dust doesn’t affect the image capture…

  6. At least it’s only on the LCD screen and not in the lens. @_@
    There was dust in my lens so I had to send my current camera to Canon for servicing. D:

  7. If you have ever taken a look at how full of dust and grime nokia mobile phones (the ones with interchangeable covers) you will notice that all the dust and grime goes in from the sides of the case.

    not to mention, dust can enter from the sides of the buttons. If you look carefully at Nokia’s mobiles (again those with interchangeable covers) you will notice that dust collects at the rubber button pad.

    The only way to prevent further dust from entering into the LCD screen would be to vaccumm the edges or “panel lines” :P of the equipment.

    Failing that, you might want to consider taking apart the camera and cleaning the button areas. Do this in a dust free environment though ;)

    I have cleaned my PSP over the weekend as well as my Rebel XSi as well. was a tough job to keep them dust free.

    1. Hm… I should put more effort into cleaning out the “panel lines” then. I already do that normally because I hate seeing the dust build up. I don’t think I want to risk taking my camera apart… there’s quite a lot of sensitive parts in there I would think >_>

  8. I hate it sooooo much. I’m always trying to find a safer way to dust off my Gundam collection because of it and the worst is when I get it in drying paint!

    I have some under my phone’s screen now as well. Stupid dust.

  9. I always have a piece of silk cloth for cleaning flat screens. Although it just moves the dust off the screen, cleaning it off afterwards is an easy matter. Just moving the dust off the screen makes viewing quality so much better.

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