Yaki Gyoza

Apparently this stuff is effortless to make and cooks faster than your cup noodle…

Heat up pan/wok/whatnot on max power- 30 seconds to 1 minute. Dump a bunch (neatly) onto the hot surface then immediately dump a small cup of water!

Cover for about 2 minutes at high heat.Package’s instruction: Heat on medium heat for 5 minutes… but I’m just too impatient for that xP.

Will you look at that! Pipin’ hot grilled gyoza before you even know it! Actually… more like before I even  know it since it was all sticking and almost overcooked just 2 minutes in thanks to me cooking it on high power the whole way through ^^;.

Midnight snack… not the best but it works. Doesn’t have to be pretty haha.

Round 2! This time following the package’s instructions of using medium heat to simmer for 5 minutes…

While the package didn’t explicitly mentioned it, I’m guessing they want cold water… but I already got impatient so I dumped a glass of boiling water to speed things up. <3 the convenience of air pots.

More or less the same results… just takes 3 minutes longer >_>. FULL POWER ALL THE WAY!

Such a flexible food item, gyoza is. You can steam, deep fry, grill, or boil them! And it’ll still be good!



14 thoughts on “Yaki Gyoza

  1. Z maybe you can learn how to be a little chef and cook for us in the future. Even if some can’t get to you, you can always ship to those^^ anyways….checked out the stop motion vid already? xD

  2. had steamed dumplings for dinner last night. not the same without vinegar… but I guess you wouldn’t mind since you no like vinegar. D:

    1. I think it actually reaches boiling temp then let it cool down to 208 to “keep warm”… not sure though since I never watched it boil before >_>.

    1. They are tasty when you are eating them… but I think they add too much MSG. I supposed they do have a lifetime supply since they created that stuff.. “aji no moto” = “roots of all flavors” = MSG. hahaha

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