I have to admit… I don’t think I really understand the point of gift wrapping presents nicely other than it being a custom. Gift wrapping takes effort, time, dedication and money to make the present look all pretty and everything for the person you are giving it to but at the end, all of that will be ripped, torn off and thrown away. I don’t mind receiving presents but I do wish for my friends to not wrap them up so nicely; I don’t like opening nice presents because I like the way they look and not want to feel like their effort is wasted… hence I do not want to open the present I got last night haha. What’s weird about me is that while I do try to gift wrap my presents for others as nicely as I could, I could not care less if they just rip it immediately after receiving. I’m sure that’s how they think too but that brings me back to my point… why go through the effort then? ^^;.

Got a new Master Grade model from another friend the other day. Strange that I got this particular model as a present because I did thought about picking it up for the longest time but decided not to and now I ended up with it anyway ^^;. The box was apparently damaged during shipping because it just came in a bubble-wrapped paper package. Oh well. You won’t hear about this model again until I’m actually done with it… whenever that will be. All I know is that a certain Turn A-loving regular here will probably be thrilled when I review it… but it’s not a Turn A kit. Just wait and see… I’ll be taking an extra half-step with this project.

The year is ending… shouldn’t most of you be partying/getting wasted?


35 thoughts on “Presents

  1. “The year is ending… shouldn’t most of you be partying/getting wasted? ”

    This has been my week in a nutshell and I’m still not done. I managed to even find time to work on my V-Dash too!

    1. I think it is a Deathscythe because you said the name of the series would give it away and that is a master grade. A few months back you said that you were about to give in and buy it kit but did not because you were worried about the arcticulation. Also the dimensions of the box appear to be the same size as the deathscythe’s box.

  2. well I make it a point to at least open the present as neatly as as I can without ripping the paper apart… xD

    I’m pretty sure this is a good kit, provided that you kept its secret from us since you tweeted it last time :D

  3. Hey Z,

    I have a little question for ya and didn’t really know where to ask. I noticed that you have a favicon for your site and I’m having trouble figuring it out with wordpress. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

    P.S. I don’t bother with gift wrapping. I just hide it really well until the last second and throw it into their faces. Plus save some trees.

    1. Hmm… I just got asked this question two days ago and I’m still unsure about what it is. You mean that little RF icon? You can set it in your settings on the left panel. It should be on the first page of options you can change (blog icon). Hope that helps.

  4. “All I know is that a certain Turn A-loving regular here will probably be thrilled when I review it… but it’s not a Turn A kit.”
    Heheheh… Loving the compliment, here. :) And for some reason my computer can’t load the images to this entry (odd, how specific the error), so I just have your word on the kit. Besides, it’s more fun making messages in the dark in context like this. :) Feels like a present to me in just guessing what it is… I guess it’s MG Deathscythe ver. EW (A.K.A. My first MG), and I’d probably guess the other yet-to-be-built-by-you AC-period MS released failing my guess, but that doesn’t count. As I think about it though, Okawara Wing seems a bit more likely since you and half the Gunpla world didn’t seem to give any care to poor ol’ Deathscythe ver. EW by the natural and now-vindicated assumption of an upcoming MG DSH ver. EW. (I’m waiting for SL ver. EW.)

    By the way, I may have been fixed on the Correct Century after watching TAG, but I think I’m a little more of a mid-to-late 90s AU guy, especially in MS designs. Which reminds me of what I was recently doing on YT that reminded me of your second Gunpla and Photography model on posing. There’s a user named JapanAnime555 that summarize anime episodes short of six minutes (thus the 555) and TAG happens to be one of a few Gundam anime done. I was wanting to remind myself a bit of TAG and–regarding the MS–how they operated in more “pedestrian” means reminded me about your article (which I still agree with since before you even typed it, by the way). I recognized it before, but not so much until after you posted your article did I realize it in a new light of sorts.

    (I really hope the new year really is a happy one… And the one after that, but I’ll settle for decent for that one, and then happy the year after that one.)

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