Gunpla Chat 01

What do you call an explosion of joy from seeing/wielding swords all over the place? I’d call it Swordgasm o_o. This Beginning Gundam is full of win on many levels- Swords up the wazoo. Check. Fancy wings. Check. Better color scheme. Check. X in its name? Check. See… everything is better with swords! The more the better! The BEST if most can be used all at once; elbows, knees, back, hands… Someone is going after Infinite Justice’s throat!

Masakado also looks pretty sinister with the Full Saber! heh… I like how that weapon makes anything it attaches to look better. Talk about whoring… xD

So the next Wing boy in line to get a MG release is Shenlong. As much as I like Wufei and would like to support my fellow fictional Chinese comrade, I think I’ll wait for Altron Kai instead >_>. In Katoki form, both bodies are completely identical minus the weapons. I want TWIN Dragon Hangs. TWIN Beam Tridents… and ditch the shield. Not to mention Altron has the better color scheme… I can’t really stand RWB. At this point, I think the only regular Katoki-designed early type Gundam I will get is the Heavyarms ^^;

To me, the ReZEL is like one of the best looking MP suit out of the feddies side though I was kinda sad to only see it getting owned left and right in the Unicorn movies. I like the design on the Commander version but not feeling the rather mundane green orbs instead of the awesome pink red the regular one has. Does anyone know if it also comes with the standard beam rifle as well?

Bandai! I know it is unfinished but I’ll take the color scheme just like this please! :D. The darker and more black it stays, the better. Definitely gonna get this but probably not right when it comes out; I must finish other plans first before putting my hands on this model. Gunpla is here to stay so no point buying it immediately then let it sit on my shelf for a year before starting on it >_>. It’s only been 2 days into the new year and there is so much to look forward to this year already!

Images taken from GG

I’ll shake off a new review tomorrow.


60 thoughts on “Gunpla Chat 01

  1. That’s what I was thinking when I saw the Beginning Gundam X-Saber. But I still think that Infinite Justice stands a chance against it. ;)

    I feel you about the ReZEL, getting owned left and right, but I’m gonna be waiting for the Delta Plus to come out.

    And I thought you might want to collect the ver Ka’s of the Wing suit to go with your Wing Gundam ver Ka.

  2. w-wha…?!?! How did they just skip Heavyarms and Sandrock and jump straight for Shenlong?! HOW?! WHY?! I THOUGHT WE WERE GOING IN NUMERICAL ORDER HERE, BANDAI!!! GAWD, and here I was hyped up for Heavyarms…*glares*

    I love the ReZel too, although I feel the normal type has a better feel to it than the commander type. Pink orbs FTW!
    Haha, that comment about ReZels getting owned left and right gave me a good chuckle. :)

    Deathscythe looks awesome, bbuttt…I’m still hoping Bandai will come around to releasing the original TV show design. =\

  3. That’s an impressive amount of 00-style sword-wielding for Beginning. Personally, I’m more impressed with that whatchamacallit Gundam kitbash with countless hands and beam sabers (that can turn into many Gundams with beam sabers) seen a long time ago.

    Your comments about Shenlong and DSH are starting to vindicate my not-counted second guess (and not my first) on what your Mystery MG really is, Z. Oh, well. *shrug* Though I guess your friend might not have known the much dirt piled over Katoki’s early GW designs (sans Wing) by people here, so I guess I can hold out some hope.

    I’ll give you one thing on criticism regarding Katoki’s Shenlong design (nevermind the MG and B-Club conversion parts), Z: the Dragon Fang isn’t equipped with hammerspace and thus can’t extend and stretch out far (making it an unstealthy Deathscythe, I know). I always tried imagining how it would when I first saw those clips of Newtype mag scans back a decade ago…
    Still, I can always imagine, and unlike you, I personally like the color scheme of Shenlong. Sure, various shades of green (and red, depending on the mechanical designer) would better work out for an MS like Shenlong (as it does Altron), but I can see this working too. It’s a Gundam, after all, and I like the primary color distribution.

    Well, Z, I guess in a way, your thoughts and choices on Gunpla do influence me, after all. Just not in the way one would usually think it would. :) But it does in the other way, too; the MG White Doll is high on my list of wanted backlog, as is an Acguy (HG more likely), and I’d sooner get an MG RX-78 ver. OYW or 2.0 than I would a ver. Ka.

    1. My friend who bought me the model has no idea which Gundam series is which… Gundam is just Gundam to him. So it’s most likely he just picked one on a whim.

      Speaking of Shenlong being an unstealthy DS… I remember my first time seeing the DS Ver. Ka YEARS ago, I wonder why he has one of Nataku’s dragon hangs for a buster shield. The two certainly bear some resemblances.

      1. Well, as far as that goes, I think Katoki may have had in mind that having sharp scissor-like pincers (open or closed) are redundant if you have a beam blade in the shield. But to keep some form of consistency for this part of DS, why not just dull the pincers and reshape them into crushing pincers of some sort? You can hold, crush, grab-and-throw, etc. I also think Katoki got rid of the slow-rocketing ranged attack of the Buster Shield’s, so it’s like a simpler version of the newer-designed Sinanju’s shield (or older; if you go in-universe and by the Turn A Bang theory, which I just half-ponder about). Probably for the better; even DSH ver. Okawara’s was useless half the time when I tried using it in GvGNP. *shrug* And it’s another sword of sorts! If the Mystery MG is indeed DS ver. EW, I’d like to see how you’d use both the scythe and buster shield blade together.

        I’ve before noticed similarities between Katoki’s Shenlong/Altron and Okawara’s WG/WGZ (WGZ’s head, WG’s shoulders, WG’s feet, maybe a hybrid of both for legs if you want to ignore that Okawara’s Shenlong had similar legs, though Okawara’s WGZ had similar details around the knees to his Shenlong design). In this case I believe it’s to both draw from the original GW designs to bear resemblance (helps for the audience that watched the TV anime when they go watch EW) and to make sure the designs–while distinctive–are similar enough to each other in order to make the point that their designs derive from the original WGZ blueprints. (But it seems even a radically-older design shares a lot of inner-frame design with a newer one, according to the Zechs-rebuilds-WG-for-rematch-plot. That’s totally like some similar MS designs of a certain future period having cockpit-exchanging compatibility!)

        I’ve noticed though that Katoki (who still is one of my favorite designers) tends to be inspired by other designs though doesn’t reach the point of ripping off; I’ve noticed some similarities between some of his OYW Feddie designs and Izubuchi’s (both are sleek and beautiful, but Katoki’s seem to be a bit more mechanical-like in my view). I’ve even seen a more “geometric” similarity between his Zaku II and Izubuchi’s (by “geometric” I mean more in the proportions of designs rather than details). They’re still different enough, but it’s like with everything and everybody; we all get our inspirations from somewhere and tend to act on them.

  4. Shenlong’s head actually looks pretty good~~ Like the Wing Zero’s o.o
    OH! DSH! Gonna have to snuff those gaps with putty though O.o
    Am already coming up with plans for it >:D
    I feel that the white face guard is getting in the way of the dark stealth scheme, it’s like, “You get a glimpse of my shiny dental before I chop slice and dice you :D”

    1. Yea… if you mess around with the body of Altron/Shenlong ver. ka a bit, it does look like a Wingless Wing Gundam. Heh.

      I got a good chuckle out of your dental comment xD. I I think it would look better in gray… well, a color scheme can always be worked out…

      1. If you ever watched Endless Waltz, have you noticed how the head of Nataku (in one of those close up, only-have-the-face-showing shots) looks almost exactly like Wing Zero? But with green side fins?

      2. Am thinking about adding in red streaks in pattern all over the place… Like you know, the GGGG’s wing pattern that sorta stuff?
        Makes it look more intimidating don’t y’all think? But the plain black is nice, but I think it lacks quite a bit of detail (I don’t mind the outside of the wings, but the inside!!) albeit being a ver. ka. Maybe all the plain space is made for the spam of decals that Katoki has in mind?
        But it is obviously a GET

        Heh, glad my joke worked :D
        Anyways I’ve just finished the dry assemble of my V-Dash, oh so many parts for a puny guy (F91/Xbone is taller in terms of head) But definitely has a lot of great engineering put into it and a lot of good good stuff for the weapons and stuff. BUT as many others have mentioned it is quite delicate but not downright flimsy so keeping it standing is no problemo!

        Well, back to more studying before the term starts!

  5. WOW, Masakado looks like some mech from other mech series (SRW?), i like it though!
    MG Deathscythe Hell, initially i wasnt that interested, but the poison is growing…

  6. It’s just a pity the Maskado didn’t make it in place of Graham’s Brave for the movie – it actually looks better than than his Brave (and most of his personal suits always been in black anyway).

    As for the earlier Shenlong comment…the Shenlong was built not for stealth but to compliment Wufei’s fighting style. As for the shield…I think it was used only once in Gundam Wing (even Altron never used the throwing shield) in Episode 17 IIRC, probably why Katoki dropped it for the Endless Waltz version of Altron.

  7. Don’t know if you guys know, but there are new mecha designs for Gundam Wing in Gundam Ace I think… Heero was cryofrozen for 15 years and everyone else grew up, but it now takes place on Mars. And the gundams are Snow White, Wizard/Warlock, Promethius, and Scheherezade. Designs coming soon in further issues I guess.

  8. I just found out that the Deatscythe is ,like, $60 in american currency. They also changed a bit of the color scheme, including white armor pieces. Check HLJ gallery. It shows the model.

    1. they didn’t changed the color… the one in hlj is actually an older image but that’s the correct color for DSH. The final product will have similar color… just different shades maybe. The images in this post is more/less pre-production.

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