Car Navi

Nonsensical post is nonsensical. It was 11:30 PM at night after dinner on the Sunday before the first day of school. My friends and I figured we’d hit up a bar for a few drinks and play some pool before calling it night, so we turn to the navi in the car for some guidance. Apparently, the navi thought this was the closest place to Oregon at the time…


25 thoughts on “Car Navi

    1. Even if that was the case, it should be programmed to be smart enough to first compute its own location before finding destinations since it is a GPS after all… >_>

  1. My experience of using one (from Garmin) when I was in the city of KL, Malaysia is…
    1- Asked me to go through an expressway’s divider from a small junction
    2- Routed me to go INTO an Army Hospital to get to closes expressway.
    And I’ve updated my map three days prior… Moral of the story: don’t always trust the GPS.
    And no, I didn’t do any of the two given instructions. XD

    1. Good moral!

      I often read article about dumbasses (what else can we call them?) who drove into rivers/lakes/whatnot just because the navi told them to. Hell, there are people who would walk onto the freeway because google map said so! It’s very facepalm-worthy. Sad that Darwin is not doing his job properly… *cough*

  2. LOL, I think there’s a very long way till we get a real functioning mobile suit if our current technology is still like this.
    BTW the color scheme of the page means the next one is Hi-Nu ?

  3. XD Car Navi DOES fail sometimes,i remember when i took a drive to another city,suddenly the Navi can’t detect the road that i was at >.< and suddenly it shows that i'm at Singapore O_O (I'm in Indonesia)

  4. I used to live in Oregon. Not sure why but my parents enjoy bringing me to yellowstone park… the smell from the volcanic mud is still quite familiar in my mind :P

  5. LOLL my first thought when reading the post was “lolwhut? Car Navi? You have a fairy in your car?” O__O?

    Ahhhh, yes…the wonders of GPS technology. We use one called Magellian or something. It’s quite nice and simple; we’ve always never had trouble with it other than the annoying female voice. xP

    heh…”hey! hey! listen! eat at NY!” xD

  6. lol try using an iphone to navigate you, its horrible! you can do the complete alphabet on the map from one province to the other(exageration) but itl still waste on u. but yay for montreal!

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