First Gunpla Loot of the Year

First time ordering from fellow comrade Gundam Guy‘s online store and it certainly won’t be my last. Loved the experience and shipping was easy on the wallet since we both live on the same coast- the huge box only cost $15 to ship. All it took was send him an email with what I want, work out a deal, hand over the cash, shake hands, and viola! Here’s what I got…

HG Kshatriya- You voted and I get. Simple as that. However, when I can get around to reviewing it will be another problem xD. Aside from that, hopefully there should be something in the loot that can piqued anyone’s interest for a review.This is not my complete order though; a couple of more things are coming later this month. GG was also generous enough to include a brown Gundam panel line marker for me as well. Thank you!

From my twitter, “You know a HG model is going to be awesome when its box is bigger than your “midsize” MG box… :D”

Same for Kiva… now it is the odd one out of my stack of SHF boxes o_O. SHF Dark Kiva in the future…

I will update my Future Projects page soon enough…


50 thoughts on “First Gunpla Loot of the Year

  1. Funny how you don’t realize Bandai’s been milking the Unicorn kits until…. well you have a whole bunch of them.. And it still isn’t apparent that Bandai’s milking them…

    1. To be fair, you can’t really call them milking any of the unicorn kits (with the exception of the MG Unicorn) since Bandai is releasing a different kit each time (S. Jegan, Unicorn, Sinanju, Ksh, G. Zulu, Delta+, ReZEL… you know) . It’s not like there are any eye-roll-inducing color variations being released (yet) so I won’t call this milking. I like how Bandai is releasing every MS in a series so people can have the whole line-up if they want, otherwise they be complaining why some suits aren’t getting any love. Are they milking the series as a whole? Sure. I’ll give you that… but they gotta recuperate their expense from making the movies somehow other than selling tickets and DVD/BD.

      1. I guess not milking wasn’t the right word on my mind. But I just realized that they’re focusing on UC a ton these days ^^”

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