SD Gundam Exia START!

First off, the Future Project page is updated AGAIN because I realized I forgot a few more models that were hidden and decided to change my mind on one of them so they are all included now >_>. ALL OF THEM WILL BE REVIEWED! Not teasing you! That page just keeps growing so I better start whittling away at it before it becomes bigger than my Master Grade page…

All the different requests on the FP page are getting a bit overwhelming so I’ll see if I can shuffle my priorities around ^^;. I noticed that my SD page haven’t gotten any Gunpla love since 2008(!!!) so it is only fair that I put some new contents in there before anything else. Here’s what I got done on the Exia so far- just paint whatever needs to be painted before assembly. Normally, I’d only straight-build SD models without a care for details since they are purely just for fun but this time around, I want to try to give it a little effort to make look nice. Hope it doesn’t take me till the end of the month to finish it… hahahaha!


31 thoughts on “SD Gundam Exia START!

  1. at last,.. the first WIP on 2011,…
    wow, SD Sangokuden Z and ZZ,… NAIS,..

    by your words, tough i know you hate painting, im gonna wait for XN Riser, Rasiel+Sefer,.. and ofcourse, stark jegan…..

  2. SD kits should only take you an hour or two tops to assemble (even if you clean up the parts and add the stickers) if it’s a straight build. Painting them will likely take you maybe a day for a normal SD kit.

    SD Sangokuden kits however, usually take me 2-3 days due to the ridiculous detail and that I sometimes feel the need to spraypaint some parts (metallic gold & silver, for instance), and those have to take a day to dry. All to get them to look as much like the box art as possible.

    It’s a whole lot of paint work for a ‘straight build’ but it’s damn satisfying once you do finish it. ANd I have to say, a lot of the Sangokuden kits (especially the multi-unit sets) are fun to play with as well ^_^

    1. I think the Sangokuden models are the most deceivingly difficult models in Bandai’s line-up thanks to the huge amount of painting required… >_>

        1. I think the easiest to paint by far would be the Kousonsan Ez8. Just some red, white and silver with easy to mask sections. And I HATE masking.

  3. Ah, SD Gundam Exia, it was my first detailed SD which I used Gundam Marker extensively. Even though the paint job wasn’t all that great, I’m still happy with the result. XP

    I still remember that painting white on blue wasn’t easy… I was wondering why didn’t Bandai made them white instead, it would make painting much easier. :X

    1. I just saw the shield now too and you’re right… it would make so much more sense in white than blue -_-. Heck, Bandai wasn’t even curious enough to provide foils for it either!

  4. hmmm. strange, the sd exia with the freedom in 1 box has real green clear parts. but the solo sd exia kit has semi green colors.

  5. I like the green you used for the condensers. It would pretty awesome if Bandai’s SDs had the same styling as keita’s work (like more accurate-looking but big heads to keep them deformed)…

      1. Y’know…the Tamiya clear colors are now starting to drive me crazy. They dry WAY too fast, and by now all my clear colors (red, blue, green, yellow) are losing their consistency.

        I’ve tried thinning them with water and acrylic thinner, but they don’t really help with the pooling issue. I bought some Mr. Retarder Mild in the hopes that it will help keep the paint from drying too fast, but I’ve yet to try it for fear of ruining the paint job of another precious clear part.

        I think I’m going to resort to candy coat clear sprays at this rate…

  6. er…wow. You’re actually starting on this? haha, it’s one of the least expected ones I thought you’d build.

    Good luck with the painting; there’s alot of white that needs to be painted, so it can be tricky…’specially the small little areas. ^^;

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