Sukiyaki Night

Last time we went the lame way with pre-made sauce but this time, we made the sauce as we go! The real way to do sukiyaki!

Prepare your usual ingredients (napa cabbage, enokitake, shiitake, shirataki/konyaku, etc.) , cut them up and whatnot.

Be sure to rinse them too.

Beside soy sauce, these are the two main ingredients for the sukiyaki no tare– mirin and sake. The latter is a must… >_>

Mix the soy sauce, mirin and sake (just pour it in by feel and adjust it later) over low heat.

Taste to see if the mixture is good.

Bring out the stuff!

Can’t forget the meat!

Add the ingredients in the order you see above. Cover with lid to let it cook.

Rice is done!

I love rice… I can’t feel full without it.

Once it begins boiling, check on it…

Oh yea! It’s good!

Add the meat last since they take no time to cook. Guess I did it wrong last time by cooking it first ^^;.

Sukiyaki is done!

Raw egg for dipping the meat in. Besides changing the texture a bit, there wasn’t much flavor added to the meat… (blah blah raw eggs… eww… bad!… blah blah blah… Get over it. who cares? :P)

My miniature sukiyakidon ^^

Pot is empty? No problem. Repeat everything until you’ve exhausted all your food supply!

And here’s a shot of Disaronno Sour to chase down all that food afterward.

Sukiyaki is fun with friends and effortless to make (though preparing the ingredients is not…) so I recommend you to try it out just for the heck of it. This is the meal for winter!

Which would you prefer? Sukiyaki or sukiyaki?



17 thoughts on “Sukiyaki Night

  1. Isn’t raw eggs really bad for your body?
    Non pasteurized eggs are susceptible to pathogens, yolks contain 5 grams of fat for on large egg, slows protein absorption, and salmonella.

    Either way, I never tasted it before, but I heard it was good.

  2. Yum… I dunno why Z, but I enjoy your cooking tutorial more than your gundam review.. it is superb :)

    Please put another category in this website called “food”. I bet it will popular :)

    1. You can actually call this a tutorial?

      I’ve been thinking about that page for awhile now… just need to figure out a format and see if I really can put some effort into it xD>

  3. owah!

    I have the same rice cooker too!
    it cooks crazy good gaba brown rice.

    nice write up on the sukiyaki. must try this now.

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