SD Gundam Exia WISP 1

I gave up on painting this model after noticing a few fun-killing flaws and saw the all-blue body… not worth the effort anymore >_>. Since I’m practically done with this model, the review is not too far away I’m hoping…


24 thoughts on “SD Gundam Exia WISP 1

    1. I took the lesser of two evils on the face… thick panel line is not my style but I think it goes at least a bit better with SD models ^^;.

      1. Oh, no I meant the white parts on the hands and legs. My bad, should have been more specific.

        I think the head looks great with thick panel lining but the body not so… maybe cus it’s so small already and it makes it look messy =/ just my two cents tho ^^

    1. yep… basically anything that is not blue needs painting >_>. Even for a SD kit, the color separation is particularly poor on this model…

  1. still looks good, a good clean look nonetheless,

    noticed you used the foils for the eyes and forhead, and for the chest vent thingy inbetween the green orb on the chest

  2. Looking great, Zhi!
    Btw, have you ever experienced with Resin kit models before?
    I have one in mind that I want you to review, but if you’re uninterested it’s completely fine.

  3. cool…way much better than me if I were to ever do it =) I still hope you would really paint it Z! Please….I looks forward to the fully painted beauty very eagerly!!!!

  4. That was… fast. XP
    Yeah, looks like you noticed it will be PITA to paint this one nicely and it just had to be my first SD to be painted with Gundam Markers. (Technically, I choked at painting the inner areas blocked by other parts but they still get painted, messily.)

    Looking at the photo, you top-coated it already? O.o

      1. This reminds me of my SD Justice… The shield took a while to paint, being completely pink @-@

        Oh and Z, are you going to paint the GN Sword?

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