MG ReZEL… Which One?

UPDATE: Poll added.

So the MG ReZEL Commander Ver. is finally out and unfortunately, my worst fear of it not having the regular beam rifle included has come true. Even though it is not surprising, it is still a bit of a downer to see Bandai would go that far to deliberately remove the weapon. It’s not so much I want the beam rifle but it’s more like without it, the ReZEL seems very lacking in the armament department. I supposed this is expected from the ~200 yen price difference. Now I’m torn on which design I want at the end…

Hm… not much of a photo opportunity if all I have to work with is the usual beam saber, this large beam launcher, and the shield cannon. I like the looks of the wings but other than that, it looks more/less the same as the regular ReZEL. For some reason, I thought the Commander version has an extra fin/antenna on its head… guess not.

I like those red orbs more than the green on the Commander Ver. More importantly, I like the Zeta-esque design of the beam rifle more than the launcher.

Flying box…

a proper looking wave rider…

Runner F from the regular ReZEL. Note the beam rifle part in the upper right corner.

Runner F from the Commander Ver. Note that Bandai even went as far as removing that part from the runner completely! Usually for stuff like this, they would just mark an X on the manual and leave the part in but I guess they REALLY don’t want the commander to have a beam rifle! xD

My Solution?

If this runner contains all the parts for the beam launcher then I think the best compromise I can come up with is to buy the regular ReZEL and order just this runner separately. This seems more practical than getting the Command Ver. and buying two runners just for the beam rifle. I’ll entertain myself with this idea for awhile before I make up my mind… either way, I’ll have a ReZEL in my hand before the end of the year ^^;.

What are your thoughts?

Images taken from Gundam Guy and Dalong


99 thoughts on “MG ReZEL… Which One?

  1. I prefer the Commander more, since its MA just looks more complete, compared to “box with cockpit” of the regular. Hmmm… Bandai sure is mean though, taking out the regular rifle :|

  2. Your dilemna here is actually one of the reasons why I bought myself a GFFN ReZEL instead of a gunpla since it I can now fit both beam launcher and beam rifle on one suit! And funny enough GFFN version has red orbs and sensors too!

      1. Fair point. I only build Gundams and even then i only buy them one at a time every couple of months. You tend to have a stock of many different things with limited time to buld them. If i had to pic id say go with the basic version. I think when it comes to the posing a good weapon is better than a set of wings. But thats just me

  3. Purchase a separate beam rifle parts, maybe? Some stores provide services to purchase a specific runner/parts directly from Bandai (usually u have to purchase the entire runner(s), ex: Unfortunately this usually translates into much higher price per part.

    In my case I’ve asked my local store (which is a local partner of hlj) about the cost to purchase 1 runner for MG Sinanju (runner M) and it’d cost me 2600 yen, so I turned down the offer and wait for a better chance to buy a whole new MG Sinanju…

    About the red orbs, I think it’s not too hard to paint it with clear green, IMHO…

    Btw, a friend said that the commander type should carry 2 beam launchers (right and left) instead of just 1, and equipped with standard beam rifle which attaches to its shield in MS mode, making it brings a total of 4 GUNS instead of just 2.

      1. Oh, sorry (again and again) for triple posting, but I see from ReZEL’s manual in dalong ( the beam rifle and magazines consists of the whole parts from runner H, a single part from runner F (the white part that looks like a pipe) and a tiny part from runner B.

        If that’s my case I’ll purchase only runner H and try to scratchbuild the rest…
        Hopefully I’m not going to make a fourth consecutive post….

        1. Yea, I checked up on all the parts before writing this post for opinions and how I came to my solution. I went ahead and painted the clear green runner from my 00 model and the result is not exactly how I would like it. It looks a bit more like blood… and a bit brownish (that’s what happens when you mix red and green). Not that vivid red/pink.

  4. not both of them… well I really don’t like Rezel even from the first time it came to hGuc…

    but it’s scary to think it really is fast to become MG for both variants

  5. im kinda late on this XD like most ppl here i want a rezel with commander wings, red sensors, a launcher and a rifle. heck i want one with a pair of launchers, a rifle, red sensors and commander wings attatched to the sides of the standard box boosters =)
    but i really think you should just wait and see =D and there are a few reasons for it

    1. mg delta plus is inevitable and it’s got the same rifle as the standard rezel. although in the novel design it actually has a different rifle. so it could be an upgrade or keeps the rezel gun. either way the delta plus will have what you need and you can make an epoxy putty clone of it. i’m not sure how identical zeta’s gun is but you could also clone that.

    2. standard jegans have a variety of guns they can use(and they can’t carry all of them at the same time), one of which is the rifle we need. anytime soon would be a good time for bandai to roll out some of these, otherwise the’ll miss their chance, so lets all beg harder for this guy =)

    3. unicorn and sinanju has a ver ka, so what if rezel got a ver ka based on the novel designs? it could be like the gff kit with the interchangeable parts so it should have all the things we want(wings, box boosters, rifle, launcher with slightly more interesting colour scheme, red sensors) in one box and none of the stuff we dont want(green sensors, launcher latch)

    if you can’t wait then i suggest you re-evaluate the cost of ordering parts for the rifle runner with the pipe and pipe and the launcher runner with the latch compatible nose parts and take some photos of those bloody red/greenish/brown runners you made and make a round 2 post with them =)
    i made another tl;dr comment on a dead post that no one cares about anymore didn’t i? -_-

  6. I agree with Point Blank who is above me.

    As for me, I can do this solution if I were in your shoes.

    1. If you have a Zeta Ver. 2, you can replicate the rifle with epoxy putty, or just like what Point Blank said wait for a theoretically possible release of the Delta Plus. Replicating parts requires patience though. I haven’t cloned big parts yet, I only cloned V-fins, crests, and shoulder armor and came out rather okay. The down side is, you’ll have to sand,prime and paint said parts.

    2. Personally, I’d go for the Commander type really, since I don’t exactly play and pose with my kits after I build them, and it’s the over all look I’m after in a model, since I’d just be staring at em in my cab anyways.

  7. hey Z, the commander type rezel has this connector that joins the beam launcher to its backpack so if u want to buy the extra runner for the beam launcher i think u have to get the runners for the backpack as well. and there are green clear parts that go on the beam launcher and they come on the same runner as the commander’s clear parts so i guess u also have to get the runners for them. all in all i think it’s more worth it getting both types of rezels. just saying :P

  8. I wish to get a ReZel Commander to pose with my Sinanju, in the scene from the anime. Does the kit have a beam saber part that can fit onto the beam launcher? I would not consider buying it if it doesn’t. Thanks.

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