Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Wars Z

It seems like it really is the end for SRW games on the PS2 now that we have a sequel game being released on a different console than the original ToT. SRWZ2 will be for the PSP instead on 4/14/2011. Mark your calendars! This is actually the first part of the sequel and the second part will be released later so we only get the first season of some of the series (Gundam 00, Gurren Lagann, and Code Geass comes to mind). Other noteworthy series (to me) include:

Gundam Wing (the TV series; disappeared since SRW@)

Macross Frontier



Getter Robo Armaggedon (!!!)


There are tons of other series too but I don’t think I have to go into detail and you can get the specifics at Banpresto’s site. Sad that it has to be on the PSP and not the PS2 but oh well, things gotta move on. Here’s a sadder truth… I’ve NEVER held a PSP before. I’ve driven a Nissan GT-R before… but have never played a single game on the PSP. I have no idea how the graphics are (in person) and what to expect out of things like loading times (heard MX was terrible though), audio, and whatnot.  I want this game but holy smokes… it cost $80-$100 (depending on if you want the special box or not) O___O!!! Not sure I can shell out that kind of money at the moment… nor the time to play it. Sadly, I STILL haven’t finished the first SRW Z yet! D:

Gunota.info has a load of screenshots you can feast on for now.

Here’s some gameplay clips I found on google. Frankly, I’m not liking how the characters/mechs are becoming less and less “Super Deformed” but rather more “off-scaled” now. Look at Voltes V and Exia! Their head is almost proportional to their body! Still, the animation is bound to be spectacular!

Here’s the first PV of the game that seems to be just a clip of the opening sequence.

You is getting this game?

45 thoughts on “Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Wars Z

  1. I would recommend you to get one PSP, Z. There plenty of mecha games to play in it :D

    Probably looking forward to see Scopedogs kicking the ass of Mecha bigger than it.

  2. I for one initially got my PSP just for Gundam vs Gundam NEXt Plus. But, it really is worth that I got one. There are many cool games on the PSP, it’s a shame that I haven’t finished half of what’s inside my mem stick. I play K-On, lots though XD 99% completion…

    Anyways, as per usual, I’ll get this (more like download it) since I already finished Z about 2 years ago and itching for more. I’m pretty much psyched for Dai-Guard (its BGM is gonna be epic XD), Geass,OO, and the return of TV Gundam Wing.

    I’ll seriously laugh my butt off if Lelouch tries to Geass Haman XD

  3. Released for PSP and Wii… Well, at least the Wii’s getting some love, and I can go either way…if I had an Action Replay disc, of course. (I could finally play a game I already have, if I had one!) But I’m actually a little more interested in action-type games than strategy, which is why I gravitate more towards Virtual-On and the Gundam Vs. series, or the Another Century’s pentalogy (I had to look up the word for that), which I can at least try with the release of ACE Portable. Despite being a bit nitpicky on how the sounds are more “generalized” on the following game (rather than trying to give units unique sounds semi-faithful to their shows), I’ve been recently a little more interested in Gundam Extreme Vs.. While TAG is represented by the usual White Doll/Turn X duo (same with ACE) and Kapool was downgraded to an assist (I miss it), I’m glad it won’t be just the duo for long; given Harry Ord’s triumphant entrance in GEV (I hope his SUMO will be playable soon, even if I can only watch videos of it).

    But even though I’m not as interested in the SRW series as you are, I have been watching videos of SRW Z (and a couple of Alpha 2 ones). Someone on YT took advantage of the crossover appeal in a classic way; Harry’s SUMO vs. Quattaro’s Hyaku Shiki, or Psyco vs. Destroy, for example. While I’m not quite into mecha in SD proportions, I still like how the mecha are rendered in the games. It’s nice that one of my favorite AC-era mecha designs to make an appearance in Alpha 2, as well.

  4. Z, I just started playing SRW Z2 but the japanese in this game is hard to comprehend for me. The overall gameplay is not as user-friendly as SD Gundam Generation series. Can you make menu, and both character and unit stat translations, please?

    I love the graphics but cannot fully enjoy the game unless I understand the menus and stats X____X

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