Gunpla Light Box Setup

This. THIS! If I were to show you my dream backdrop for Gunpla photography, it would be something like this! Perfect darkness! Nothing but the model itself!

No seamlines. No wrinkles. No “wall”. Perfect light balance. This is perfect! That glass bottom adds a great touch of class to the photo too! However, it might be a tad hard to shoot a black-colored model with this setup ^^;.

On an unrelated note, QanT’s Full Saber is so well-painted, it almost looks like bare plastic in need of some topcoat o_o.

And here’s how the setup looks like. It looks simple enough for a DIY. This particular size is great for 1/144 models but I would want something twice to maybe three times bigger for MG models. Also, unless you crop the photo, it might be hard to take low-angle photos without the white sides coming into the photo. Still, oh how I’ve always wanted this setup! THIS is photography!

You can see more photos at Gundam Guy’s blog.


31 thoughts on “Gunpla Light Box Setup

  1. Really enjoy, Gundam Guy’s light box as well – he’s got the high end photography equipment needed to show us the items he’ll be selling for us here in the states ^^ – looking forward to meeting him in LA just to pick up some tihings

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