Gundam Shokugan

Saw these at the Japanese supermarket today and couldn’t help but to pick them up ^^;. Two Gundam Converge figures and one Ring of Meisters. These shokugan (candy toys) were not cheap; total costing me a little over $20 for the three >_>;.

First up, the Fusion Works Gundam Converge modeled by BEE-CRAFT. The boxart looked high quality enough… but how’s the actual toy?

Let’s start with Exia


A tad bit warped… plastic feels like GFF quality though which is both a bad and good thing ^^;. The tiny figure is painted at least.

No meaningful articulation but hey, what do you expect? The figure looks good enough from the boxart profile angle but straight on, it looks rather silly xD.

Next is the Union Flag Custom II. My first Graham unit!

A LOT better in Exia AND the mold is not warped!

Since this figure is not warped like Exia, it has a much better posture. Lovin’ the off-centered GN Tau drive!

Man, I would even say this Flag looks badass! Like “Mess with me and I’ll shove this GN beam saber up your @$$!”

Size comparison in case you’re curious

I’ve always thought this line-up was pretty cool but never knew I would actually get the chance to pick one up ^^. They had the other meisters too but I only picked up Qan[T].

Dang… that’s a lot of stuff.

One of the most convoluted display bases I’ve ever seen…

I still have not watched the 00 movie yet so please do not talk about it  here… no spoilers please ^^;.

The “ring” just sits around Qan[T] like a hula hoop but it works and overall, I think it makes a pretty nice display for what it is.

The pose is pretty nice as well ^^. Still, this doesn’t make me want to get the MG Qan[T]…

mm… I think I want a Flag Custom model now…

But first, gotta start on my new project….


39 thoughts on “Gundam Shokugan

  1. Zhi, you can “unwarp” parts by placing them in hot water (boiled water, but don’t put figures in water WHILE the water’s being boiled!). This causes the bent parts to unwarp itself. Pour out the hot water and turn on some freezing water to “solidify” you parts again.
    I did hear salt can do some magic to them, but I didn’t use them yesterday when I purchased a warped Zabanya and GN Flag.

    1. Oh I know how to unwarp parts. An easier and faster way would be just use a hair dryer and heat the parts up until you can bend it back. Thanks for that advice though!

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