MG ReZEL… Which One? Pt. 2

So here’s a follow-up post about which MG ReZEL I should go for. I’ve ran a couple of color test and have emailed Gundam Guy about the “replacement” parts for the beam rifle.

First off, the results from my attempt to paint clear green parts with clear red. The sample on the far left is just layers after layers of clear red until I can’t see any of the green- unfortunately, this will make the parts too dark as you can see. The middle vertical sample is red paint over mekki silver which yielded a better result… but then the parts aren’t clear anymore xD. The upper right sample is simply how clear red paint on clear green parts will look- kinda looks like blood doesn’t it? Anyway, I’m not satisfied with any of the results so painting the green orbs is a no-go.

yeaaaa… doesn’t look even close to the actual parts!

Circled are all the parts needed for the ReZEL’s beam rifle and the clear red parts. Here’s the breakdown:

Runner H (beam rifle)- $15.00

Runner B (clear parts)- $13.00

F23 (the white bit)- $2.50

Total: $30.50

I was expecting this though so I wasn’t surprised at all. Just needed some confirmation ^^;. Yes, $30 for a MG beam rifle pretty much.

This tiny v-fin runner that I ordered for my MG Zeta 2.0 years ago already cost me $6 from HLJ but it’ll probably cost like $10 now so yea… the above prices didn’t shock me.


I think I know what I want to do now…

You guys can just wait and see ^^;. I’ll be joining in on the MG ReZEL Group Build so I’ll start on this model as soon as I can get my hands on it. Thanks for all your feedback!


41 thoughts on “MG ReZEL… Which One? Pt. 2

    1. It’s not so much that I need the beam rifle but it’s more of the fact that both model is lacking in terms of armament (and by extension, less photo variety). And no doubt a beam rifle would probably be easier to pose with than the launcher. I got something worked out so it’s okay…

  1. Sooo… Unsurprisingly, it was the Commander Type. It does look good with the wings, but I still don’t think it’s a make/break feature of the ReZEL design. Personally, I still think getting the HGUC versions was a better idea. Again, yeah, smaller-scale, no inner frame (that half the population of Gunpla fandom doesn’t bother with exposing), simpler details (even though MGs have taken that turn recently), but it’s cheaper and you can have two to compare and contrast (and clear part-swap for the simplest of technical kitbashes).
    Yeah, I’ve yet to discover the joy of the Master Grade Gunpla until I finally get to building my first ever MG I got a couple of months back (Oh, how I still can’t believe how ironic and pleasing it is that your friend acted like the proverbial Gunpla Boomerang on that. :) At least you’ll be able to gloat to me on how great MGs are in general once I personally discover it by finishing my first and not just look at the pretty photos.).

    Regarding my pushiness and suggestions and recommendations of certain Gunpla to try and review (I’ve been recently bugging you about the Nobel, if memory serves me), I really think you should take a look at the TAG lineup of Gunpla, still. At least find one of the 1/100-scaled ones still around (TAG itself or the SUMO Gold Type) if not the 1/144s, but I think you’d very much enjoy having a couple of them (like the FLAT). Since I don’t have either of the 1/100-scaled Gunpla in the TAG series, it’d be interesting on whether to get ’em or pass up on ’em (in an academic sense; since I think I might still grab ’em when I can and am interested enough), or any counterpoint on the 1/144 series.

    By the way, I pretty much stated over and over that I’d soon be entering the G-Shot contest (which ends on the 22nd, if I remember right), but did you enter yet, Z? Just curious.

    1. I don’t really care to expose the inner frame but I appreciate the function that they serve, which is to be a skeleton. It helps with stability, balance and all that jazz.

      And no need to push me toward the Nobell… she has been in my plans for awhile now along with HG God. It’ll be awhile before I pick them up though since I want to finish some of what I have on hand first. Harry Ord’s Mobile Sumo sound awesome but man, is it expensive for what it is no thanks to its gold plating…

      And no, I still haven’t submitted my entry since it doesn’t look like my conditions for photography will be met no thanks to the weather… *sigh*

      1. Oh, please, Z, submit something! I’d love to compete against you. Weather is crappy all around the country (I think I have similar weather, in fact), and resources my side is crappy, that means you have an advantage over me! (Not to mention camera, artificial lighting choices, and Gunpla choices that help highlight what you do with the camera.)

        As far as the Gold Type SUMO’s price goes: I did an immediate web-search and found that GSaM (unless they’re in error) has the sale price listed at under $30 (over w/ taxes/shipping); a few dollars over 1/100 TAG’s sale price. The Gold plate may be valued a little more, but not by a lot. Now unless my voicing it here renders both quickly out of stock (I hope not; I wish to get them myself), they’re both available to get and cheaper than MGs. Hell, some modern HGs today are that price and maybe greater (put aside HG Psyco and GP03). You seem unbothered to get an MG or even a couple plus a few HGs and an SD (with the occasional PG).

        But if you’re iffy to get the SUMO or TAG in 1/100 scale, why not a few older 1/144s? I know; I’m a broken clock about the entire TAG lineup or 1/144s in general that happen to not be modern HGs. But at least for the 1/144 TAG lineup, there’s a reason or two (even if some panel lining and painting is required here and there).

  2. I dunnow…. $30 sounds like alot for a beam rifle and some clear parts. Why not borrow a rifle from another MG in your collection and pretend it belongs to the ReZel?

  3. Ah, you went Commander (har har). It has more style anyways, and a box with wings and a nose is better than a box with a nose. But if you wanted both guns, with a red-colored commander-type design, why not just get the GFFM version? It’s all you’ve been wanting so far.

  4. I’ll just acquisition my old Zeta MG 1.0’s beam rifle for my ReZEL Commander-Type. Shouldn’t be too hard to repaint it. And I’ll probably be able to live with the green parts.

  5. isn’t it more cheaper if you purchase the normal ver since it comes with the clear pink orbs and the beam rifle then you only have to order the giant beam cannon from the rezel commander type.

    1. The issue with that plan was that the way the launcher is held requires an over the shoulder bracket that is connected to the booster of the Commander Type. Unless you want to do some mods to the normal ReZel to accommodate this mechanism, it will be a failed plan

          1. I would take Derringer’s word for it. The guy comes straight from the source :)

            I could Considering how big the launcher is, it probably would be $20+. And I want the wings too xD. But I got something else figured out so we’ll see…

  6. ahm another question.. how much a regular MG costs on your country, or rather how much would you actually spend for a MG kit?

    just wanna know :D

  7. when you get your rezel, i think it would be worth a try to test the clear red paint on the green sensors again because the rezel green doesnt seem to be exactly like the 00 green you tested on, although it most likely won’t work

    imma try to resist the urge to get commander type and see if bandai pulls off something like a commander norm version, riddhe version, or novel version/ver ka(even round sensor on launcher is red =D) once they fill their wallets from these two rezels XD

    1. I would hate Bandai so much if they do that… but the chances of it sound very likely…

      Riddhe’s version= Remove the beam rifle from the regular ReZEL and switch it with the Commander’s beam launcher! Hahaha

      *preemptively shakes fist at Bandai*

  8. nice decision on the end, especially on the model and the rifle + clear red parts (thought you’re going to get the “flying box”)

    wonder if bandai is care enough to make zulu to become mg, :)

  9. Hm… Looks like Bandai’s strategy works very well against you this time. At least you’ve found some ways to order ‘replacement’ parts to mod to your own liking. On a side note I heard that Bandai can give out 3 parts (not runners) as replacement for any given addresses up to 2 times. Need to find the form/site again but I know it works overseas as some I know have done it before.

    1. i didn’t know they had this policy but i did that before, through email and indeed they didnt charge. but takes them three months to reply english email or something. then there were some confirmation emails and they asked for a photo of the defect so it went back and forth a few times spanning about 9 months before they sent the part. but in the end, bad things happened…
      back in the day(5 years ago) i didn’t know the terms runner/tree etc…so i called it a frame… i had this kit with a defective runner (let X be the letter) X1 because there was another called X2… the X1 runner carried two parts that made up most of the runner(probably largest and prettiest parts on a single runner i’ve seen) and a couple of much smaller peices. the two big parts were extremely defective(so bad that you cant imagine how it came to be in the first place…) so i asked for the whole X1 “frame”(runner). what came in the package after many months was the X1 part from the X1 runner, which was one of the two defective parts… so what happened was i emailed them and said there was some miscommunication and only recieved one of the two parts i needed and proceeded to ask for the X2 part from the X1 “frame.” what happened next was that they ignored me and never replied. i figured they think im a dumbass pushing my luck or blacklisted me for screwing around with them, so i went emo and never had the balls to ask them again… so to this day the kit is unfinished T____T
      i’ve left things ambiguous so my story doesn’t look like something off internet just in case i ever try to ask them again =)
      otherwise i would like to share those photos and see what reaction people get =D (ok, it might not be as horrible as it sounds, or maybe it is, but i’d say it’s record breaking bad, especially since it’s bandai we’re talking about…)
      moral of the story is, bandai is nice and will you give spare parts for free. they even use EMS priority courier(after 9 months =P) even if you send english emails to their japanese customer service and live are overseas. if you want your spare parts, just make sure you know what you are saying, and then make sure bandai knows what you are saying… or else >_>
      note: emailing bandai america will only get you bandai’s japanese customer service email XD
      another tl;dr =)

      1. Ah miscommunication can always be awkward. Sorry to hear what happened to you back then. :(

        The one I know wrote to Bandai in Japanese with photo references. Funny enough even though he wrote in Japanese Bandai replied him in English, and things seem to work very well for him. I guess one has to know very well on what s/he’s doing exactly, or else things can go pear-shaped.

        Thanks for sharing your story though! :o

      2. Wow… 9 months just to get a wrong part. That is tough. But at least you found out that Bandai is not all that evil and at least be willing to help even if their english is (I’m assuming) limited ^^;. I would think they might be a bit better these days with communication so maybe you can try again? Sorry about your story though!

        @Q, Yea I’ve heard about that service and even tried to use it but after going around in circles with no result, I just didn’t bothered anymore ^^;. This was like… at least seven years ago so I kinda forgot what I did.

  10. Hmm… Nice plan Z! Maybe the commander waverider mode will looks better with the beam rifle from the normal version, yeah… It’s hard to make clear red, since red is a one of the primary color

  11. For those of you wondering what I’m talking about concerning the bracket that connects the launcher to the canopy, please view this picture. Note that the canopy is asymmetrical to accommodate the launcher.

    1. Unfortunately that asymmetry will make it difficult to equip 2 beam launchers at the same time.

      Btw Z, I’m still thinking that u may save 2.5 bucks by replacing the ‘little white part’ with DIY one, in my case I got some mesh pipe from hlj (total 3 meters), which IMO will add a little bit more detail, and a lot cheaper too cuz I can use the rest of them for other stuffs…

      Oh yeah, reading your posts about ReZEL makes me wanna buy one, a Commander type, with a beam rifle parts too… (about the orbs, I’m not picky about that :D)

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