MG Destiny Gundam EBM WISP 1

I’ve finally decided to stop lazying around today and got in “the zone” to work on MG Destiny Gundam for a bit. My first MG project in awhile ^^;

Arms. Done.

Legs. Done.

Waist. Done.

Wings. Done.

Test fit. Done.

Not finished- weapons, decals, and topcoat. Not sure when this model will be completed since school work is beginning to get hectic.  Not likely by the end of the month at least.

Needless to say, I’m dead tired right now…

45 thoughts on “MG Destiny Gundam EBM WISP 1

  1. Whoa, somehow when I see your photos, it looks like topcoated and less glossy. Great job with the pics. So what about the pitch black background plan?

  2. I’ve been so on-and-off casual about even building 1/144s that I take a couple of days (rather than a few hours) to build ’em. Doesn’t help that I stare at lineart and official Gunpla photos to try and get it basically accurate in the color scheme. I even gave a couple more minor touches on my FLAT a bit more before taking photos of it for GG’s contest. By the way, I just e-mailed my images, and I hope I get accepted. *shrug* I wish you were in the zone to take photos of your other Gunpla, or hash out a couple of others, or something. You still can, you know! (I was allowed to maybe dig out the images of my Zaku I I used in DA)

    I know, I know, I’m being annoying again. Well, I like the cute Chibi-head on Destiny…

      1. Well, I’m checking his news blog entry on the Straight Build entries that was posted before, and I’m looking at entries I haven’t seen before… Needless to say, even though I realized it upon entering (I hope mine was accepted; I got no mail regarding that yet) that I entered into a no-win scenario; someone had the good sense to take advantage of a sunny day and used their MG Unicorn (in Destroy mode, and every bit reflective) in the process. Awe-strikingly beautiful, and almost makes me think it could be a 20+ meter-tall MS… I don’t have a prayer. Oh, well… *shrug* Again, why don’t you try some snow photos, whether new or old or used or whatever? You can win this, Z!

        1. (I just checked again… I don’t recall if it was in the rules, but I see all the entries has everyone’s names in the files. Was I supposed to rename the files/photos I sent? *shrug* I might have to try again… *sigh*)

  3. The over sized head reminds me of the ultraman show i used to watch as a kid. The ones where the actors don on huge helmets and skinny suits :P

    Ultraman Destiny :P

    1. i been thinking the same thing and am wondering about changing the palms blue color to red, which i think won’t look bad

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