46 thoughts on “AKB48

  1. I actually don’t get how this video or the band is appealing. Maybe I’m too hooked on Super Robot theme songs and Korean/Mandarin boybands to get the feel of this band. Or maybe that video was lacking in yuri. Probably the former…

  2. Yeah, it’s a JAV version. I uploaded it to one of my alt-YouTube accounts…

    It’s just the opening sequence to the entire 2hr movie that basically consists of the 3 main girls fawning over the producer or something… so it’s SFW :|

    Cover Image: http://i.imgur.com/tLmC5.jpg

    Yes. I still have it on my external. I HAVE NO SHAME :D

  3. i knew AKB was this many. thats why i picked Girls Gen.less girls, more focusing. and way more mature.you guys said age 15 exists in this group.
    time to steer clear!

  4. I think there are still a few more not included in the picture…48 of them right? Well, I know I’m in heaven waking up with every member beside me…along with members of all the Korean girl bands (SNSD, fx, Wonder Girls bla bla). Just imagine the soreness.

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