MG Zeta Gundam Beam Rifle

Since the weather is a bit too cold for me to finish up the MG Destiny, I figured I should work on a small project for the time being. Fixing my 5-year-old beam rifle from the MG Zeta Gundam Ver. 2.0.

HOLY TERRIBLE NUBMARKS! Yea… I don’t think I knew what “nubmarks” were back then…

Removed that lame green foil sticker on the sensor…

And painted it red instead.

Did the best I could to clean up the nubs but the damage is permanent I guess >_<. I can live with this though.

Going over all the parts.

And painted the gray tube white. Oh how I hate white paint… I’m gonna need to redo this part later.

I’m sure some of you can see where I’m going with this project… :)



23 thoughts on “MG Zeta Gundam Beam Rifle

  1. Hmm, a rifle for ReZEL Commander? Nice… By the way, I also bought the Zeta 2.0 last week, after watching the anime and reading your review. I had trouble painting the yellow bits in the shoulder,legs and beam rifle, but it was easy with the ones in the arms.

    Good luck in your Beam Rifle Project!

      1. Yeah, I’ve read that you used the stickers for the yellow spots… I also read there that you prefer them to be bits of plastic instead of sticker… That’s where I got the idea of painting them instead… I got a little experience in painting from my MG Sinanju, which I also got the painting idea from your review xD… It (my painting) was not great, but I’m satisfied…

  2. hehehe, fixing old projects sure is fun and a good place to practice. Why don’t you try painting the rifle in metallic scheme?

  3. I hear you on the white paint – that and white Gundam marker are a pain to get a good covering with (especially if you want to do as few coats as possible). Probably why I haven’t tried Citadel’s Skull White on my models. >.>

  4. For white I’ll usually just get a spray can and douse it @_@ unless they’re teenie tiny parts… not sure how I’ll go about them yet >_< kshatriya's white details *shudder*

  5. its funny that when we redo a kit to remove nubs is apparently its harder to do rather than cleaning it along the build process xD

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