SD Gundam G Generation F AMV

Oh how I’ve always wanted this game like ten years ago but I could never afford it (it was $75 in store). Back then, it looked so awesome to have all the Gundam series (pre-SEED) in one game! It’s like SRW… but with only Gundams! I didn’t get to play this game until much later on in life and was sadly disappointed with the controls and animation; I’d much prefer the gameplay style of SRW @G (the only SRW game I had at the time) ^^;. What was incredibly awesome though was the sure amount of animated CGs this game contained.

Here’s my favorite MV for the game. The music and the scene selection works really well here. This video is at least ten years old now too and I remember having it on my old computer for just as long ^^;. I’m sure most of you are familiar with many of the scenes in the video. Catch a glimpse of Gundam nostalgia!


42 thoughts on “SD Gundam G Generation F AMV

  1. like you never had the chance to play this,

    because I didn’t owned a PS1 back then.. then the copy that was given to me was damaged,, (it was pirated so i didn’t worried that much)

    which reminds me, this is available for download right?
    gotta snag a copy so i can play it with an emulator on my pc :D

  2. While this game doesn’t hold a candle to SRW, it was the best GGen of it’s time.

    There was also a follow-up disc that came out a year later – Gundam GGeneration F.I.F., which had all sorts of extra goodies like extra missions, ways to earn more cash, and it would allow you tweak your character’s stats for a price. You could spend credits to add points to each character stat, and even turn any of the originals into natural Newtypes (as opposed to Enhanced Humans in the regular F disc). And once your tweaking is done, you could import these changes back to the regular scenarios in the F disc!

    1. Yea I heard of FIF too but never really looked into it. It didn’t seem like there was much going on with it though but thanks for the clarification. F amazed me because it was on FOUR CDs!

  3. I agree that it was the best GGen of its time. Maybe of all time, too. I remember playing it a hell lot after I got it.

    The whole point of the GGen series was never really gameplay. It servers more like a fandisk for Gundam series that you liked. GGen F was the first time ever that less famous novel/managa series such as Hathaway’s Flash, Sentinel and Crossbone got animated into life.

    SRW is more of a “hey, let’s put all robots together in a story and let them duke it out” deal, which sets it quite different from GGen series which sort out stages by Gundam series. I think the newer GGen series are losing sight of this and starting to go more like SRW games.

    1. I dont see how the newer GGen are any less than the GGen F, or being more towards srw. from GGen zero, F, the GBA ver, to spirits and wars. all I see is improvements, with more ms selection, more pilots, more option to improve you ms (other than atk and def),and prettier battle scene. i also like how they set the size limits, so you cant sortie 10+ GP03s and wreak havoc. btw, amuro + char on same team with respective ms = pure win

      1. I totally agree with the game mechanisms being more refined. I’m just saying that they need to keep it with the separate series. Stuff like “War Breaks” in GGen Wars kinda took away from some of the stories.

        It also doesn’t help that GGen F had over a thousand units and lots of CG scenes, compared to the newer ones which are missing a lot of epic scenes and stories.

    2. Yes.. G Gen F is like one of the few games where you can see Ex-S and Crossbone in motion. Their CG movies were really well done!

      Interesting how they put so much effort into the quality and quantity of CG movies back then (they even bothered to show a CG of the Psyco Gundam hovering over the sea for 11 seconds) when the media was CD. Now they are onto DVD but the CG movies became very limited. SRW almost doesn’t have any extra since it started on the PS2… -_- *points back to SRW @*

  4. WHAT?! This was my FAVOURITE game of all time during my childhood life! I replayed all the stories like 2~4times just to collect all the M.S available in the game.

    The only thing that I dont like about this game is that the characters only “Speaks”when you use special moves.

  5. haha,
    hey Z, you know i have similiarity to you…

    SRW@gaiden is my first mecha game, and first time i know gundams. Plus first time falling in love with DHC ^^.

    Then i found this SD GGF game, from there i learned history about gundam timeline ^^ Wing gundam boys + zero system part + full tension is a killer >:D

  6. Interested in a psp Z?
    Apparently theres a G generation World which includes all the series out there including the Side stories =D
    I love the g generation games soo much i spent soo much time on It.

    1. I might be enticed to play that game more if the loading time was better and not so frequent. One of the bigger turn-offs was having to “load” battle animations.

  7. my favourite mv for g generation f will v2 vs virsago and ashtaron. It is so cool…
    Much better than double x’s anime counterpart

  8. I remember seeing some of the CGs from this game. I’m not sure if it was this game or another, but I remember one of them happened to be the Wing boys (in their EW mobile suits) going against Master Asia, and he could withstand all of their attacks. It kind-of reminds me of the cutscenes in the Gundam Musou series of games (the last one I remember watching was from GM3 of Loran and Paptimus going against Full Frontal). *shrug*

    I really do hope my entry in GG’s contest is accepted, and I somehow win (by a miracle). If that happens, I know what prize to get, and it’s not the Gunpla choices. Oh, Z, you are missing out in some of the other Gundam games. :)

    By the way, did you read on GG’s blog the news about the MG Wing Gundam ver. EW? Yeah, I’m sure it’ll be ver. Ka with different or lesser amounts of decals. On the upside, I’d like to see how the boxart is done and how it’ll compare to Deathscythe’s, Shenlong’s (since both are a part of the new EW manga), and especially Okawara’s Wing.
    I don’t know if I’ll eventually get it though… Maybe if it is somehow less expensive than Wing ver. Ka, or maybe I want a second of either for customizing, or something. I’m wondering if there will ever be HGACs or HGCCs, though… *shrug*

    1. The GW Boys vs. Master Asia is from G Gen NEO I think. Well, one of the PS2 titles anyway.

      I don’t feel like I’m missing out ^^;. I don’t find them interesting but I have no qualms about giving them a shot. We’ll see what happens NEXT…

      Yes, I’ve read the news and I’ll hold my thoughts until I get more info and images out from Bandai. It’s only fair that way…

      1. I’m actually loving the pun, here. Oh, how I wish PSPs had full online multiplayer capability (like the DS)… Again, you’re really missing out, Z. :)

        By the way, not long after I posted yesterday, I was elated when I found out someone was posting full, english-subbed TAG episodes (and GX) on YouTube. And today I find out the SUMO for Extreme Vs. will be released to the players on the 27th (so it won’t be a miniboss only). Oh, how I’m lovin’ it, and there’s no way I could be able to play the game! Oh, and the Acguy (with off-screen variants as assists, I suppose) and Providence are due to be released later on.

  9. I basically grew up with the PS1 G Generations, F was utterly awesome considering the time when it was released. To this day, it still ranks as one of my all time favorite games.

    1. strangely, SRW@G also ranks as one of my all time favorite games too. The two were released around the same time era. Must be the nostalgia, yea?

  10. SD Gundam G Generation is one of the best G Generation titles. I remember I used to play that game all day just to get my Wing Zero Custom to Lv Max

  11. Too bad I didn’t get to play G Gen F (my first G Gen was SEED, and FYI my first SRW was @Gaiden).
    Anyway, I can’t wait for G Gen World. With all the new units they’ve shown, this could probably be the second G Gen F!! XD

  12. All the missions from G Gen F are included in G Gen Portable (PSP) plus some new ones like SEED and SEED Destiny.

    But once you’ve played G Gen Wars or G Gen World its hard to go back to the older G Gen games (even though I loved played G Gen F back in the day)

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