You’ve seen my disaster with takoyaki, sukiyaki, yakiniku, and yakisoba. So how about okonomiyaki (お好み焼き)this time?

Weekends is usually the time I hang out with my friends and we try new things out while having a few drinks and laughing about life together ^^. Anyway, first of the ingredients… okonomiyaki flour and sauce.

Tenkatsu (basically rice crispies Ver. Nihon) and yakisoba.

Octopus and side pork (the stuff bacon is made out of).

Shrimp, scallop and chopped green cabbage.

Loosen and chopped the yakisoba so that they’re easier to work with. Diced the tako.

Following the mixing instruction on the package was easy enough. Note for next time: use an egg beater.

Apparently, you can also choose to mix cabbage (and tako) into the batter as well.

Time to start cooking! The seafood bits can take some time to cook thoroughly so we cooked it separately on the hot plate. You can see that we also threw in some yakisoba before adding the batter as well. By the way, “okonomiyaki” basically means “Whatever you like, grilled” so all the toppings and such are entirely up to you :D.

The okonomiyaki is flipped when the bottom side is done so the top can cook as well (along with the seafood bits).After this, the okonomiyaki is pretty much done.

If you ever plan on making this, here’s a warning (courtesy of my Japanese friend) if you intend to make this: NEVER PRESS DOWN on the okonomiyaki with your spatula or whatever to make it cook faster because doing so might harden it and not come out as fluffy; just let it sit on the hot plate to cook by itself otherwise the Japanese can get angry, yell at you or may even attempt to kick your arse depending on the person^^;.

Here’s my plain portion.

Loaded it up with okonomiyaki sauce, ao nori, tenkatsu, kewpie mayo, and katsuobushi.

First run was good but wasn’t fluffy enough to due to not enough air getting into the batter. There’s always a second chance…

Now for a meat version!

Here’s how a full okonomiya look with everything on it. It’s good to let the sauce and topping heat up together :)

Much better the second run!

Don’t be fooled by the portion size I have… okonomiya is very filling.

Third batch… back to seafood but this time with batter on both top and bottom. At this time, we got the batter down!

Can’t go wrong with this :)

The first couple of batches were Kansai style and this one above is the Hiroshima style that we had to call our friend in Hiroshima with skype for directions on making it xD. It’s a thin layer of batter on top and bottom, loads of cabbage and yakisoba, toppings, and an egg on the bottom. That’s the gist of it ^^.

Drove a bit in Gran Turismo 5 to burn off all those okonomiya… This is probably the closest we can get to driving under the influence legally and with no real consequences ^^;.

Tested my friend’s brand new Logitech G27 steering wheel which he bought solely for GT5. Hooray for real manual transmission! Didn’t stop drinking and went to sleep till after 5 in the morning… Good times.

Being that it was our first time making it, I think it came out better than expected and everyone was stuffed. Here’s to another fun meal to make with friends for a get-together.


Do you like okonomiyaki?


24 thoughts on “Okonomiyaki

  1. i ate hiroshima-yaki last night! i love that stuff! and gt5 with steering wheel, transmission and foot pedals?! damn man i wish for your life when im back in north america!

  2. Glad to see that I am not the only who is nuts over Okonomiyaki. Just sharing a little of my cooking experience. The batter is a bit too watery and should be “thicker” try adding more flour and less water and egg.

    I have not use soba as the main filling before. Most of the time I stick with cabbage. Basically my ingredients are:

    Seafood Okonomiyaki
    1) cabbage
    2) sotong/ calamari/ squid (all the same thing)
    3) crab sticks
    4) tiger prawns
    5) clams/cockerels/mussels
    6) bean sprouts
    7) Okonomiyaki Sauce
    8) Japanese Mayonnaise
    9) Bonito Flakes

    I mix my own powder using tempura powder, a little sugar, salt, and black pepper so I don’t have to buy the expensive pre-mixed powder from my local asian store here. Takes a few tries before I got the flavour correct.

    Pic of mine here:

    Nice photos btw ;)

    1. you got a lot more seafood ingredients in yours. I couldn’t afford all of that otherwise I would’ve too ^^;. Since it was our first time, we went with the mix to minimize catastrophes ($4 for an 8-serving bag of flour isn’t all that terrible).

      Like how you decorated yours!

  3. wow good steering wheel. beats my steering wheel cause its only 2 pedals and transmission is Initial D like :D

    okonimiyaki is a very deceiving dish.. what may looks few is actually filling after 2 or 3 whole servings of it… but nice thing is its very versatile, once we used corned beef for the fillings because seafood was not available for the time being xD

  4. Side Pork = Unsmoked Bacon. Unsmoked Bacon = Canadian Bacon. Canadian Bacon = Sacrilegious. Sacrilegious = a BURNING. a BURNING = smoke. Smoke + sacrilegious Canadian Bacon= Bacon. The problem fixes itself, really.

    Man I made stir fried side pork with mushrooms today…. That was so bomb…. But now I want a piece of that..

  6. OMG im cravin some rite now, luckily there’s a local Japanese Snack food restaurant/crepes store (I <3 you Genki Living, even though the food is a bit pricey). Must get some tmr when they open~!!!!!

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