MG Full Armor Gundam Look-Through

As I wait for better days to come so I can finish topcoating the MG Destiny, I guess it is more time efficient to start on another project than doing nothing. While this is my first time working on more than one project at a time, I’ve seen other modelers who work on 3-5 different models at a time ^^;. I’m not sure if I should really start on this though since I have another model coming later this week and I want to work on that too. I’ve also toyed with the idea of just building as much Gunpla as I can until December then review them all at once but you probably won’t forgive me for that xD.

Lovin’ the military green runner. Makes the whole suit looks like it is serious business.

Noo! the inner frame and weapon runners are made of that same semi-coated gray that the HGUC Nu/Sazabi, MG Blue/Red Frame uses. It looks great but the nubmarks are terrible @.@

I like the manual design. I noticed another FA Gundam in the background… so is this unit a mass-production type?

So you have dark green and dark gray runners… mixed with bright orange and bright white parts. Talk about contrasting…

I am not looking forward to working with this strip of adhesive sponge for the armor parts. I give Bandai credit for using new ideas though. This is certainly better than clip-on where you can potentially scratch/wear off the parts but I don’t think I’ll be doing any Cast Off after the review anyway. Well, we’ll see where this goes…


38 thoughts on “MG Full Armor Gundam Look-Through

  1. hmm if your gonna make a omake wif “cast off” , you should try taking the FA gundam pics without the armour on and den put on the armour… [doing the photo shoot of the ending first]

  2. a gundam’s henshin!!

    probably a good never-used upgrade of the RX-78-2,

    makes me wonder what would Amuro will do with it if its equipped to his Gundam

  3. The FA-78-1 truly is an interesting MS in terms of its lore. Why are there two FA Gundams on the boxart, and that there’s a picture showing one fighting Perfect Zeong? The two words on the manual kinda explains it: Urban legend

    According to the original background story of it on MAHQ, FA Gundam was planned but never fully materialised, since it was too heavy or something. If what I’ve read on the Chinese translation about the lore of it on the manual, it is apparently very hyped up by media etc and ‘changed’ the history of what really happened in OYW in ordinary public’s minds. Moreover lots of conspiracy theories and “true reality” theories made it seem more mysterious than it seems. The new lore written on the MG manual seems to be some kind of retcon but at least I don’t think that it changed what the original story behind it.

    Now the interesting bits: Underneath the armour of FA-78-1, the shoulder of the Gundam actually has “RX-78-1” on it. Whether the Prototype Gundam was supposed to don this setting rather than using a whole new Gundam unit I’m not 100% sure. Besides, this “failure” is actually much more well known than the “successful” FA-78-2, aka Heavy Gundam, which was apparently used in combat too at Pezun. Was the Gundam underneath the armours of Heavy Gundam from an existing Gundam (e.g. Prototype Gundam) or a whole brand new unit? I don’t know.

    1. Reportedly, the one who encountered the Full Armor Gundam was Shin Matsunaga in a what-if mission in the game Mobile Suit Gundam: Encounters In Space:

      But it seems that Johnny Ridden was ultimately the one who defeated it:

      Anyway, I’m a little disappointed that Bandai didn’t take the time to better design the add-on armor, and had to resort to those gel strips for some of it. Granted, if they had molded new attach points to the regular MG RX-78 2.0, it would have added a considerable number of parts/runners, but surely there had to be a better alternative?

      Some of the armor parts like the arms don’t need the adhesive strips because they clamp together around the arms – so why wasn’t the rest of the armor given the same treatment? It might have been better to just mold the Full Armor parts as part of the external armor like the MG FAZZ.

      Either way, this isn’t a bad kit overall. The military green is great, and the orange, while contrasting, suits the color scheme well. Though I would have preferred that the Full Armor Gundam have kept the RX-78 shield (why is it ‘Full Armor’ when the shield is reduced to a buckler?) or something more substantial, this is the fault of the MSV design rather than the kit itself. I also with the kit retained the bazooka and rifle. As it is, it feels rather lacking for a mech that’s supposed to be heavily armed.

      1. Hmm… now that you mentioned it, I think I remembered vaguely about battling this Gundam in EiS.

        I don’t know why Bandai decided to use this new route instead of the tried-and-true peg way. Maybe there would be fitment issues? As in, the RX-78-2 2.0 was not designed with the FA variant in mind. Who knows…

        I noticed a huge gap on one of the runner where the shield parts used to be… wished Bandai left it in too. It would make sense to complete the “full armor” look.

        1. The tried-and-true peg way would have been a great way to do it, yes, but that would have meant re-molding the outer armor of the RX-78 to accommodate the holes/pegs for the additional armor parts – something that probably wasn’t very cost-effective for Bandai when you think about it.

          Compare this to the Master Grade Perfect Gundam:

          This was a retooled RX-78 variant that had new tabs/ports for the outer armor to peg into and they could be retracted into the armor so they’d be hidden when the outer armor was purged when you’d want to display the MS as just a plain old RX-78.

  4. I like the color scheme… Almost. I prefer gray over white, but oh, well. Yeah, the orange is kind-of odd if you think about it (I don’t happen to mind it), but it seems if you’re a Feddie suit, you almost always have to have something similar to standard parade colors or have some bright color that’ll fit (with some exceptions that especially flourished in Zeta)… All because Amuro kicked ass in his white/blue/red/yellow RX-78-2 Gundam. If Kai did in his Guncannon to the point of outshining Amuro, I’m sure GMs would be beefier with red or a contrasting color (blue?) all over the MS and the Full Armor Guncannon would probably have more practical colors all over.

    But I’m not complaining much about the color. I’m thinking if I get one of the MGs using the RX-78-2 as a basis (that includes the RX-78-2 itself), I might go for this if only for the color scheme of the Gundam (or at least try painting the standard RX-78 2.0 in a similar color scheme). I prefer something a tiny-bit less retro, yet I can live with it if I get an OYW 2.0 design. Still, in spite of all the yellings and warnings and such, I may look into the early GFFs (there was a Full Armor and Heavy Gundam with Katoki markings on an Okawara or Beecraft-ish Gundam design).

  5. I’d like to ask about topcoating, as you mention it a lot, but I’ve found little actual information about it. How does it work? Do you just spray the topcoat on top of an unpainted, panel lined, decal-applied model? What effect does this have? Will it work without paint?

    Also, is there a good substitute to the topcoat you get? I hear they were banned from import. I used to use Testor’s Dullcote, which worked great on my painted Warhammer 40k models. Maybe a matte coat would look great with the models.

    1. You can read my “tools/tutorial” page about the topcoat I use. I guess it is similar to testor’s dullcote but I’ve never tried it before.

  6. You can try to find some reusable adhesive putty. I use that on my Gundam Fix armor parts. Its clean and comes off easily.

  7. I’m loving Full Armor … but only the 3rd one (FA-3)

    At first this announced, I’m excited if this will be FA-3… but it turns out to be FA-1… not really fond of its design

  8. Hey Z, I’m planning on buying that Full Armor Gundam kit, but I’ve been hearing a lot about the issue about the armors falling off.

    Well, I just thought… why not put some of those tiny magnetic strips as a substitute for those sticky strips, then put a tiny, thin metal sheet underneath the main armor. It’d be more convenient if you’d use those…

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