Wing Gundams

Wing Gundam Ver. EW…

Meet Wing Gundam Ver. Ka. Ver. Ka, Ver. EW. Or have you two already met? :)



86 thoughts on “Wing Gundams

  1. Still waiting on a mg wing zero tv version, not big on the EW version of it. And did anyone else like the epyon or is it just me?

  2. A taste of the boxart for this MG (and Shenlong’s) was semi-revealed in the promotion poster for MG WG ver. EW that just came out:

    My impressions:

    1 To get it out of the way, the little boxart covers of Wing and Shenlong in the poster blocked by “SAMPLE” for the time being; unless they’re prone to change (that they’re tests like the MG Okawara Wing Zero boxart for the MG that never was).
    I like Wing’s; like Wing ver. TV, it illustrates the MS in flight and bird mode, but seems to more illustrate the flight aspect given how high up and how it sours like a bird or some angel in the sky or something. It’s great, but it’s a bit more pedestrian than Wing ver. TV flying over an OZ base under attack, or as Deathscythe ver. EW is striking a pose when surrounded by Aries MSs at night, the same Wing ver. EW is busy taking care of them with the beam saber at a little corner. Wouldn’t it be a little neat to maybe have a tiny bit of continuity by placing it in a same or similar setting and action or something? *shrug*
    Shenlong ver. EW looks like it has a little more action going. It’s too early to tell, but I’ll guess anyway that I feel more impressed with Shenlong striking a Dragon Fang pose, since I seem to be only able to make that out of what we see in the small cover art.
    2. The blue color for this MG now suddenly looks like the bluish/purplish color I see in my GFF Wing. Unless looking at the bird mode pic that has a pale blue.
    3. Finally some decal-lacking up-to-date lineart of Katoki’s Wing Gundam by Katoki himself. I know it makes me a stickler when in a fell swoop a Gundam Ace page features one of Katoki’s “group shots” of the Early Type EW Gundams seen in Newtype mag showing different color scheme and variances for Wing Gundam, extra fins in Deathscythe’s V-fin, etc., then shows the slightly-changed WG lineart from the same mag in the same page, then the lineart for the bird mode is the up-to-date configuration and color scheme (with the extra blue). Seemed odd to me.
    4. Decals look similar to Wing ver. TV’s now; adding the W to the model number identification. I always thought putting organization and model identification markers on the mighty Gundams–let alone being good enough to identify them as colony-built and probably not independent from each other (with the letter present at the end of the model number), it seems to me that could hinder a bit at the terrorizing and disruption the Gundams were sent down to do. You’d think if there was an EW TV series version of GW that Lady Une would start threatening colony drops in Episode 2, wouldn’t you?

    And yeah, I know, I know; I’m thinking too much, I’m typing an essay again, you’ll drink your coffees before reading how geeky I am today in thinking too much about decals that just make the models look cool. I will never grasp Mr. Wit’s soul anytime soon. :P

  3. Rumors has it that the Ver. EW Gundams will have the inner frame of the recently released Wing Gundam.

    1. That’s a given. I believe it was confirmed that all of the upcoming MG Wing kits will use the XXXG Frame (The one that was used in the MG Wing Gundam).

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