Gunpla Chat 02

“Solomon! I have returned!”… Gonna start making this post  regularly “every now and then” where I gloss over interesting Gunpla news, share my thoughts and get feedback from you.

I’ve always wanted the PG GP01 FB… such a mechanical beauty. Especially with all the armor panels opened! Not sure when I can have the financial resources to pick one up though… ^^;. Speaking of which, isn’t it about time we get a MG GP01 Ver. 2.0 also? Vegeta has been waiting over 9000 days for one…

Albeit small, this boxart truly shows the glory of zeon! That’s one of the most badass Zaku boxart in awhile!

The Jegan ECOAS. I’ve never cared for the Jegan (except Stark) and now this guy is getting a HGUC release! I like its more serious brown color scheme than that light green of the regular Jegan. I’m thinking of maybe getting this and slapping the Stark parts on it… that would sooo complete the look!

Do mobile suits really need head gears? Either way, I like this design! Though it kinda reminds me of Sergei inside his Tieren…

HGUC Dreissen is a get for me! I like how it resembles a Dom, a model that I have always wanted. Ya know… as much as I love those gold/silver/white “sleeves” trim on the Zeon’s MS, I hate painting them in just as much…

The Metal Build 1/100 00 7Sword just keeps looking hotter and hotter! What makes it even more hot? It seems like it can even pose like its HG 1/144 model counterpart! If I get this (most likely I will), I would not care for a MG 00 Raiser whenever it decides to roll around.

I was never fond of Strike’s design, and I’ve never liked its MG model, but I LOVE the PG. I went “meh” at first to its RG announcement but I do wonder… how would it look? At first, I thought the bottom three images were of the RG Strike until I read the fine print “shashin wa [PG Strike Gundam] desu” (“The photo is the PG Strike Gundam” and “MG” for the last one); I can see how some can/will mistaken the above three images as the real (grade) deal. It would be awesome if the design really is taken from the PG Strike (basically the PG Strike scaled to 1/144)… and judging from the silhouette, it seems to have some PG influence (the feet). So there is something to look forward to. I’ll still wait for the Sword Striker pack though… :)

EXTREMEEEEEE~! Gundam… This Gundam is gonna ROCK! I mean, just look at the BEAM GUITAR RIFLE!

Okay, I’ll admit… the Shenlong has just gotten more attractive. Mainly due to the oversized trident beam. That is HOT! Still far from my “want” list though since Nataku is probably just around the corner. If I get this, I would probably give it a more “Chinese” color to it…

Deathscythe Hell (EW)… this has to be the final straight-built product. Hot damn it is stunning! So close to release too… just one more month!


Now for the discussion of the day (and yesterday)… Didn’t know my little joke post would turn out so big so I’ll just put my thoughts here instead of replying ^^;. First off, please do not use my photo and the decidedly blurry photo from Bandai for comparison (not my intention in the first place). Even though I did my best to replicate the pose, there are still slight deviations and most importantly, different camera angles (mine is lower) so it skewers the perspective a bit.

What we know FOR SURE about the Ver. EW (from actually seeing it in these photos):

– The inner frame is now the basic dark gray color whereas the Ver. Ka has a brownish gray inner frame.

– The colors now are more standard RWBY whereas the Ver. Ka has a bit of a off-white and orange-yellow (and I’m not sure about the blue and red).

– Action base adapters that didn’t come with the Ver. Ka… which makes sense considering the MG Ver. Ka was released TWO YEARS BEFORE the first Action Base came out.

– As far as I can tell, ALL DETAILS on the parts are intact… nothing removed. Not even the shield. It only looks plain because IT IS without the Ver. Ka decals. Again, all the lines are still there.

– Obviously gone are the Ver. Ka decals.

Here’s what NOT to expect:

– An updated inner frame: Bandai certainly has the tech to update it but you should not expect it (please don’t even hope… it’ll only lead to more disappointment later if it really doesn’t have any improvements). Why? To do so, they would have to redesign many parts to fit the frame and vice versa and thus, ultimately changing its proportions (even if ever so slightly). At which point, they might as well release a new model since it does cost money. Hell, even expecting a new pair of hands is being optimistic but this is more plausible than new frame.

Increased Articulation: If it’s going to be the same frame then articulation would be the same. Judging from the backpack design, I won’t hold out for any increased range for the wings either.

– Basically, my stance is that this is purely a recolor release done to accomodate the other EW Gundams.


– The same 3500 Yen price tag: This is a good indication that nothing has been changed, otherwise the price would be higher if Bandai made some significant changes like to the frame or added a new pair of hands. For comparison’s sake, the recent MG Wing Gundam cost 4000 yen and the MG Deathscythe (has arguably less parts than Wing) cost 3800 yen.

– While I don’t care one way or another for this release, I do find it as another delay to the release of MG Heavyarms Ver. Ka ^^;.

– Some of you likened this to the “Unicorn Ver. Ka—>Ver. OVA” style update but I find it more to be like the RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. OYW Game Color—> Anime Color change, albeit I don’t think the Wing Ver. Ka will be discontinued.

I like my Wing Ver. Ka. Thanks :). For your own good, I say it’s best to drop all expectation for now until more details pop up in a month or so. Better to be skeptical as hell now, and be pleasantly surprised later if there are improvements than have expectations now, only to be disappointed later and you shaking your fist at Bandai. If what I said above is wrong, then I would be more than happy to eat my own words :D.

As always, images are taken from Gundam Guy.


72 thoughts on “Gunpla Chat 02

  1. then, next buy is Deatscythe-Hell for me.

    when it’s announced, I’m wondering if I’ll go with Wing ver.EW, but now I dunno… already got Wing Zero though.

    yeah, looking at many variations for Wing Zero MG, it’s kinda expected for having variations for ver.Ka/EW too

  2. I’m really hoping Banda makes a MG of the Knight Gundam from Gundam Musou 3 :D

    They better, cause they did it for the first two games with Mushas :DDD

  3. i’m still don’t understand why they decide to extend the next RG to be the strike gundam, :/
    there are plenty other gundams available, other than strike gundam to be the RG.

    the DS hell EW is sexy, wish for more accesories though…

    and agree with you, Z
    bandai should make ver 2.0 of GP series (01 02 03).

    Jegan ECOAS is a must get, :D

  4. DeathSchyte Hell Custom MG is a get for me, prolly along with the MG wing zero, since ive been wanting to get it for the longest time, but never had a chance, lol. Having a badass boxart helps too.

  5. Boxart for MG Deathscythe Hell Custom (i.e. EW ver as the box saids) is awesome. Looks more like a vampire lord or something like that to me though XD

    As for Wing Gundam, those who have Ver Ka are not at loss at all, unless they are super desperate for the base connector (unlikely) or prefer the very slight colour changes (which seems almost negligible). I guess they just want to release the Wing Gundam again under the “EW ver” label to go with the rest of the new MG Gundam Wing Gunpla, or just to repromote Wing Gundam again to go with the rest of the 4 Gundams. You already stated the points up there and I think it’s important for people not to fall for them. Othewise for those who haven’t got the original Ver Ka they can consider it (it’s pretty much a re-release anyway).

    1. Deathscythe is officially the terror of the day.

      And yea, it doesn’t hurt to have more choices for those who doesn’t have one yet since some really dislike the Katoki decals (understandable…).

  6. someone with the ver ka wing confirmed that it’s just a recolour, Z didn’t use the pic showing the ball joint, otherwise it should be obvious to anyone that owns the ver ka.

  7. Weird, I grew up liking Wing Custom Zero, but nowadays I like the Ver Ka more. And just when I want a Wing Ver Ka, a possible update appears! All in very nice timing!

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