MG Gundam Deathscythe Hell Boxart

Batman, your Gundam has arrived! I know the Batman line is a bit of a cliche but this is the biggest homage yet! This has got to be one of the best visual representation of a Gundam ever! Instead of the usual cool pose with a chaotic battlefield in the back, you get a more symbolic “be one with the night” portrayal; there are BATS everywhere! In front of the moon! I don’t remember seeing any bats in Gundam Wing! nor in any Gundam series for that matter.  This boxart is just bat$#!* awesome! And yes, it is worth talking about! I wish there is a bigger size so I can make it my wallpaper!

If you really look at it though… aren’t the bats kinda big? like almost human-sized? or maybe Deathscythe shrunk? xD

Not sure I like that gap between the wings… the hinges look kinda weird but I can live with it. Looking at these photos, it seems that taking photos of it in its entirely (with the wings 100% shown) might be a bit hard without being too far away.

The decals are kinda boring though… but there really isn’t any spot to plaster huge stylized markings on it so that’s understandable. Oh man… My first favorite Gundam in my life! Finally a MG! Just a bit longer…

Images from Gtoys


75 thoughts on “MG Gundam Deathscythe Hell Boxart

  1. Hey there, I still haven’t understood how the knee guard is supposed to work on the current wing models frame, i mean its totally loose on the ew version…

  2. yo when is this master grade got to drop i have been waiting and still no word yet trying to get them all at the same time. for youtube .

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