GN Sword IV Full Saber GET!

Awesome… finally got to pick this up at my local Kinokuniya. Man, they sure get their stuff late o_O. And no, I do not have a HG 00 Qan[T] yet… >_>.

The box art is pretty but… what is the left hand doing?

I think I might work on this before I get to my XN Raiser. I love how the parts are molded such that it makes spray painting this kit seemingly easy! e.g. most of the parts that need to be white are nicely separated.

A clear green runner that I don’t have to paint with clear green paint!

I only need one GN Sword IV. Maybe the second one can be for you in the future?


49 thoughts on “GN Sword IV Full Saber GET!

  1. I have been a fool for not realising a localised Chinese version was released soon after the Japanese version, and it too has the GN Sword IV kit too and it’s cheaper too orz. Oh well I just have to be more aware of local toy news as well @_@

    Parts seem pretty well separated compared to XN Raiser, which I too haven’t built yet. The green is off a slightly lighter colour and of a different material to the 00Q, but the difference is negligible. I probably will start work on it once Chinese New Year kicks in~

    1. Now that you know there are the cheaper localized one that runs for cheaper, you can save money from now on… man, I’m envious now since there are no localized versions here but if there is, it will probably be even more expensive…

  2. Wow..that’s pretty cool!! ;-) By the way, from which Kinokuniya store did you get this? and how much is it?

    …I am wondering if Bandai would sell it together with 00Q in the future (just like 00 Raise + GN Sword III)… :-)

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