Change of Plans, No MG Reviews

“Dear Winter, you suck.” to quote Lupes. Really though, winter is such an un-gunpla-friendly (gunpla-unfriendly?) season. It’s not cold enough here to snow where I can stay home and build models with some free time but it’s not warm enough (nor dry enough) where I can finish the very last process of my project: Topcoating. I’m 100% done with my MG Destiny and I REALLY look forward to reviewing it but I ran into some disaster today while trying to topcoat the parts.

By luck,  I was able to finish one whole wing. Look at how matte it is :D. But all subsequent parts following this one either had a bit of the topcoat pooled up on the edges or silvered/frosted, leaving me to fix a few one of them (the other wing, one shoulder, and the beam rifle) -_-;.  I kept a good 6 inch distance for spraying instead of point blank (my usual way) but even that was no good. I can’t be too far because there was also heavy wind changing the course of the chemical left and right… -_-;;

Got a tip from Ren before about using a hair dryer to speed up the drying process and it works wonder! But alas, the pooling and stuff happens at the time of the spray >_<. It didn’t matter that I had the dryer right behind the door so I could quickly blow dry it as soon as I get back into the house. Now I’m thinking of maybe setting up a little corner with newspaper in the bathroom (where there is ventilation) to spray the stuff and invest in a respiratory mask (they are expensive!). It doesn’t take much of those fume to get one all jittery and/or nauseated ^^;. Anyway, I’ll have to hold off on reviewing any topcoated model review for now… until at least spring. Damn. Well, I’ll still try to topcoat some parts whenever I see fit to do so.

While there might be no MG reviews, I still have a lot of other contents planned for you all… stay tuned ^^;.


72 thoughts on “Change of Plans, No MG Reviews

  1. “Dear Winter, you suck.” to quote Lupes.

    No argument here.

    “It’s not cold enough here to snow where I can stay home and build models with some free time but it’s not warm enough (nor dry enough) where I can finish the very last process of my project: Topcoating.”

    …Um, what’s that about your weather? Oh, how I’m envious already. For weeks it has been cold enough to snow and freeze (and it did), and although I don’t mind the overcast sky becoming almost the daily norm, I’m going to get a blizzard dropped onto me. Not to mention how freezing every single bit of air has suddenly gotten in the past few days. Ugh! I don’t think I can stand another trip to the nearest wi-fi hotspot after tonight.

    It’s probably better if I did something like chores or playing games or building a model a part at a time and then going back to any of what I described. If I don’t have to go anywhere anytime soon of vital importance and don’t mind being snowed in, as I go half-crazy over lack of wi-fi, I guess I can start photographing the Kapool and FLAT, then see how I’ll approach building the Gold SUMO and do it. Since I usually never bother with top-coating any single thing in the world, it’s not a problem!

    (Though a problem for me is still finding my missing trigger finger for my GFF Wing. Ugh. And that was how many months ago when I lost it…?)

    1. (Hey… I think I opened my mouth a bit too soon a couple of comment posts back about GG’s contest entries; there’s a new post just now for Straight Build! And although I don’t see my FLAT anywhere yet, there is an MG White Doll dual-wielding beam sabers and sporting the disguise it uses in Episode 40… And red panel lines. :) )

      1. (Though I’m now hitting myself over the head for instinctively adding my little watermark on the top-left corner of my photos before submitting them. I was hoping it was okay and they’d get back to me on that, but I wonder if it’s a mistake given everyone but two didn’t use a nickname of sorts and I’m the only one with a watermark it seems. Please excuse the off-topic babbling here, Z, even though I can’t help it.)

    2. Had I been snowed in, I would taking photos of my Gunpla out in the snow again or just stay home and use the time to build my models all while avoiding the internet. Better than going to school, come home, do homework, and spend what little time to blog, work a bit on models, then sleep. Not fun and leaves me with no free time to do anything else.

      And you shouldn’t worry too much about your model’s appearance… I still haven’t seen my straight built yet (which is also another old entry) considering I submitted it last minute.

  2. I love winter, but I hate how I can’t topcoat because of the damn cold. I got a Destiny Gundam, ReZel, RX-79, and soon Hi-Nu that need to be topcoated

    1. I don’t actually hate rain. It’s nice when you want to sleep or stay in the house but not so great when you’re trying to do anything outside (such as spray painting, etc).

  3. Wait, time out. Are you saying that you DON’T have a high grade mask already?! Gosh man, top coats are one of the most toxic paint chemicals out there. Stop and go to home depot now! It costs about $30, about the same as a MG but it’ll save a few years of your lifespan.

    1. I always just hold my breath when I spray then go back inside the house immediately when I’m done heh. But yea, I’ve never used a mask before but I’ll invest in one now.

  4. get an extension cord and dual wield your topcoat and hair dryer outside =)
    counter your temperature and wind problems all in one move
    j/k…unless you’re really going to try it =D

  5. hey z gotta question. actually two.. first one there an alternative to the mekki silver gundam marker since it is now discontinued? or am I basically screwed and stuck with that creamlike silver? and two i can’t decide whether to get this one, the destiny EBM, or the strike freedom FBM since i can only get one of them at the moment. Any input from you would be appreciated. Thanks

    1. EBM Destiny….If you want good Gold parts for your SF, buy the regular version and paint the parts (Or if you live near a Hobby Store, have them plated gold), the effect parts and the few gold parts of the FBM are NOT worth $20-$30, but everything extra that comes with the BEM and The Silver innerframe ARE worth it

    2. You can try tamiya aluminum or whatever color that best resembles the silver. It’s not chrome so it should be easy to replicate.

      Forget the FBM… it’s more money than what it is worth AND you NEED to shell out extra to fix the half-assness. The EBM should be worth it though…

      1. I know this is a late ass reply and I almost even forgot that I asked such a question…. but… I ended up getting the Destiny EBM. Thanks for the advice though :D… Now you guys said I can just replicate the gold parts on SF FBM by painting it myself… but what about the DRAGOON effects parts and the holders?

  6. I guess I should consider myself lucky that my dad has a garage. The only problem is that I can’t seem to prevent dust from getting on the parts while I top coat them (I use Tamiya) >_<.

  7. Ah the Destiny….Love the MS Design….Hate the Pilot…Same goes for Jesus Yamato…

    I’m thinking about getting a Destiny, but I’m still deciding between painting a standard MG or going the extra mile (And another $50) and getting a Heine Custom (I love that colorscheme)

  8. hey there

    really like ur reviews=)

    i was wondering, wen u put topcoat on the destiny, did it hav any side effects on the chrome?

    1. bad ones? no. Just a frosty metal look. The chrome is not actual chrome by the way… meaning, it’s not a mirror-finish. More like semi-shiny aluminum.

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