Gundam Wing Memorials

Some of you may recall that my manager is a full-fledge otaku and her favorite Gundam series is none other than Gundam Wing. I am sure you can guess the reasons why (hint: it has nothing to do with the Gundams). Anyway, saw these two books at her house and borrowed it for the lulz. I was quite surprised at the amount of Gundam images in this book… >_>. Let’s have a look through, shall we?

First book tonight. Second book later. Sorry I don’t have a scanner so you’ll have to put up with photos of photos instead ^^;.

When did Wufei, Trowa and Quatre ever went to school with Relena?

Gundam Wing appears more to be a high school drama than a war mecha anime in this book…

Heero and Relena finally dating with Duo cheering on. Quatre hitting on Trowa. Wufei lonely as always.

When was this? And can you name all the Gundams that have appeared in these photos so far?

Oh here are some Gundam. The art cover to Gundam Battle Assault xD.

I’m sure you’ve seen all these pics before at some point in the past.

Screens from the Rhythm Emotion opening… what’s up with Trowa?

Wufei never looked so cool…

Some mobile suits.

High school portraits?

and more high school portraits.

My manager’s favorite Wing boy is Duo… unsurprisingly.

Gundam Wing is totally not a high school drama…

Plug suit Dorothy is <3

Relena getting married?

Having a good time I see…

When was this?

Zechs looks so BOSS in this photo!

One hand is not enough… so use two hands!

Wufei is a bit out of place…

Wufei about to kill someone… just look at that face!

The famous fairy Wing girls.

The only shot where it is just the Gundams >_>.

Yea, not a whole lot of Gundams but at least it was interesting to see a “different” view on the lives of the characters given that this is “official” material xD.

The second book seems to be bit better with the actual Gundam stuff…


25 thoughts on “Gundam Wing Memorials

  1. Nice art work and very creative portrayal of the characters. I always like these type of books where artists try to show what anime characters would be like and what they enjoy doing “off the screen”

    Believe it or not, I have similar books but of Sailor Moon :P They were given by an anut who works in a printing company where they translate japanese manga and other books into chinese and would later THROW AWAY the original print :(

    That’s when my aunt thinks its such a waste and swooped them up for me :P

    I hope they would release a book where all gundam characters would be having a big party or visiting the beach or fun fair or simply doing sports :P (Gundam Wing FC vs Gundam Seed FC) hahaha.

    1. Throw away the original print? That IS a huge waste! Give ’em away to those who can appreciate it!

      A cross over artbook would be pretty awesome… like a photo of all the masked characters meeting each other hah.

  2. Gundam wing had a disproportionately large amount of yaoi compared to the # of actual gay guys (Quatre and Trowa)
    Also this is really nice art. Did the same art team draw it?

  3. most fav series
    unfortunately their IT / computer system from all gundam series is the most poor one except zero system

  4. a refreshing look on the Wing boys (and girls).. concept arts that shows a different personality and point of view of them..

    a pure collectors item :D

  5. Me Gundam Wing ok MS 08 team was what got me into gundam.

    i notice the series that gets you into something. normal the one that you have seen first.

    Look at FFVII i thot it sucked still do i like the side story and if they made a remake i might like it. but if it was your first FF more then likely it your fav. so there you go.

  6. I have a funny feeling that my sister has one of these artbooks. Won’t be surprised though, especially since Wing is one of the series that first started to attract female audience.

  7. I remember having the US release of this book (Simply called “The Art of Gundam Wing”). I think I was just trying to ignore the obvious pseudo-homoeroticism of the G-Boys until the original and 08th MS Team came out stateside…
    I still love the Gundam W MS designs (Tallgeese II 4 life!), but the characters and plot made almost no sense. Like a cramped re-telling of the first Universal Century.
    Oh well, at least SEED/Destiny takes the cake for having characters that DO make NO SENSE!

  8. Gundam Wing is what got me into gunpla and my favorite series, I guess the first series you see does make you favorite that series.

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