Gundam Wing Memorials 2

Continuing from yesterday, here’s part two of the “Gundam Wing Memorial” photo books. Don’t worry, this one has more Gundams than the last ^^;. Again, I don’t have a scanner so I couldn’t just scan the photos for you so please bear with the photo-in-a–photo ^^;.

See! There are actually Gundams in this book!

more colony leisure time…

Now this is a Gundam memorial…

Badass face… and badass clown face.

Ending Digest.  I swore Wufei and Sally were on a ship in space at the end…

More Gundams.

The ONLY image of Gundam Deathscythe Hell :(

Likewise, the only image of Altron…

So… how did they get a hold of both Epyon and Wing Zero?

Duo is too happy…

Cast shot that would otherwise be impossible to take during the course of the series.

I like this photo actually xD. Wufei’s pose is the best and Quatre Standing By/Exceed Charge like Faiz, ready to Crimson Smash someone/something.

Some weird colored WZ, Epyon and oddly designed DH.

I want a wallscroll of this!

A more serious photo.

So everyone decided to join the Preventers at one point?


Definitely up to no good.

Detention? Okay… if the Wing boys really went to school and decided to become bullies, who can actually stop them?

Gundam Wing 007

so at one point, they decided to become Nazis? sorry… I don’t recognized the uniform ^^;.

Backstreet Wing Boys.

This could pass for a totally different anime…

My manager’s favorite photo. “Let’s get together in Mariemaia’s Army boy scout outfit and take pictures on this sexy velvet covered couch :3”

Cute… real cute. The “Super Deformed” gallery.

aww… they all joined Trowa’s circus!

Yes, this is still Gundam.

Wing Host Club.

And that’s the end of it. Gundam Wing is still pretty awesome to me :D


18 thoughts on “Gundam Wing Memorials 2

  1. i believe those chibified version of them are GIFs available for download somewhere :D

    wonder if those memorabilia still exist to be sold somewhere -_-

  2. I remember the old 1/144 Wing Gundam model kit was my first ever gunpla model. Good times, when there was gunpla to be bought back then…

    And happy lunar new year to everyone here. :)

  3. Howdy! Usually a lurker, but there is a wall scroll of the damaged Wing Zero Custom (with the purplish background), but it has the Gundam pilots in one corner, and the other Gundam heads in the other or something. Sorry can’t seem to remember it (somewhere in my closet since we moved). Love your blog and just felt like dropping a line!!

  4. I don’t know which I like better (since I’m ignoring the photos of the images of the Gundams that was scanned and seen and used countless times); the first or the second one…? In either case, I do admire the bigger presence of MSs here…

    All of this nostalgia of my first taste of Gundam reminded me to check out Frozen Teardrop (post-EW novel) and Glory of the Defeated (the EW manga using Katoki’s Early Type Gundams), since I’ve seen the first chapter for each but there’s been more out (and my usual news sites stopped reporting about even related scans of it… SRW Hotnews seemed to stop reporting period). So I’ll go searching for and reading new translations and the like for the both of them. At the very least, when it comes to AU Gundam, I think the new Mars Century and earlier After Colony period is a nice alternative for my usual Correct Century fix (I’m going to watch Episode 7 soon, by the way).

    And by the way, from what I seen so far, Duo and Heero’s new Mobile Suits for Frozen Teardrop are weird… I mean, yeah, Crossbone had a huge cloth-like cloak, but the robes hiding almost every mechanical feature of their MSs (except the hands, weapons, and scary glowing eyes)… I would’ve thought a more blatant reveal would’ve been in order. Anyway, I guess I’ll catch up with the text instead of looking at scanned images for now. *shrug*

  5. Definitely better than the first one, especially its more of 2nd generation gundams and the EW gundams!

    “I want a wallscroll of this!”
    i have the edited wallpaper, if you would ^^

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