Chinese Rice Ball Soup

It’s not CNY here yet but the food and festivities should be starting anytime soon ^^. For such occasions, my mom usually cooks tong yuen, which is a soup that loaded with sticky rice ball (mochi), and other various ingredients such as seaweed, lean pork, shrimp, daikon, mushrooms, dried scallops, green onion, and what have you. Pretty hearty. It can also take on dessert form as well. Never liked this stuff but hey, traditions I supposed.

These rice balls are tasteless and a serious choking hazard. I had my fair share of choking on them when I was little ^^;. How are the festivities coming along with you?


36 thoughts on “Chinese Rice Ball Soup

  1. i had mine yesterday…
    although mine wasn’t soup, it was mushrooms with veggies and kinda stir fried…which is just as awesome XD

    1. cant help but (mis)read it as something dirty and messy XD
      i’d spell it Luy See, but no one would get it…

      1. Hahaha Intended it to be a bad pun. :p
        Anyways, going to get more tonight which means more Gunpla!
        Gunpla here is even cheaper than HK.:D

          1. iThey’re mostly Ma and Pa shops not chains so you’d have to look carefully yourself.
            The most expensive place to buy here is probably New Yaohan.
            Unless it’s on sale of course.

            The difference between MOP and HKD is like 3$ every 100$.
            I got Sandrock HG 1/100 for HKD 155$ when I could of just bought one 5 minutes away for MOP 120$. 30$ difference you could add 10$ more and get an SD. I feel stupid. xD

  2. My mom made it for lunch today. I just had rice instead.

    I’m not really fond of it either because tong yuen doesn’t blend with the intensely flavored soup.

  3. The irony is that every time I tried to chew it, I would be close to choking as a child. But if I swallow whole I would not choke, probably because my mother always make the rice balls smaller then the usual, I guess.

  4. Gung hey fa choy Z!!
    Did I ever mention I was chinese? :)
    My parents actually just took me out for dinner….at a Japanese place! XD
    My dad said “Why is there shumai on a japanese menu?”
    Then I said “Why are we at a Japanese place for chinese new years?” hahaha
    I went around my dorm getting everyone to eat oranges and sleep in red tonight!

    1. Gung hey fa choy to you too, Ace.

      Yea, I think I recall something like that that you are Chinese.

      And Japanese shumai is different from the Chinese ones though they do look a bit similar.

  5. Both glad and disappointed to be in the UK.

    No need to drag myself to smelly and dirty markets to “assist” in buying mandarin oranges, new year food, new clothes, new shoes etc etc etc

    No new year atmosphere in UK…

    Oh well back to Tung Yuan… I suppose there are many different ways of cooking it. For me, I prefer buy it from supermarkets and prepare them at home.

    Most of the time I just get the red bean, sesame paste and the peanuts paste ones, boil up 2 bowls of water, add in rock sugar and put the tung yuan in. Wait till they float and eat them :P

    No additional ingredients needed and it taste MARVELOUS :P

    Happy Chinese New Year to everyone :)

    and for those who can read Chinese:


    1. our tung yuan is always handmade because it is so easy. I’ve never tried it in just boiling water nor tasted the store bought one before ^^;.

      Happy Chinese New Year to you too!

  6. had my tong yuen earlier, the one with the black sesame paste in yeh dsup suy muy lo (that white stuff with clear mini pearls or w/e you call it)
    for dinner i had bbq pork and soy sauce chicken =D
    you’d think it was cheap stuff, but then they came from one of the best chinese restaurants in town(i’d say the best in canada =D)

    1. oh i love that stuff! the mini tapioca pearls! Especially with coconut milk!

      soy sauce chicken? I didn’t know that is still popular…. none of the restaurants here offer it anymore and instead, only sell gui fei chicken.

    1. Funny you ask me that now since I am enjoying a big plate of dumplings right now as I am typing this comment, contemplating whether to review this dish or not…

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