Happy Chinese New Year

恭喜发财! 新年快乐! Year of the rabbit! Wish you and your family another safe and healthy new year and great prosperity to your business (if you own one). Next year is when Dragons rise and shine ;). Nothing going on here today so hope you all had better festivities and a more bangin’ celebration. Remember to stay positive, thoughtful, and such! Spend time with the family and have a great time! I used go to nuts over lai cee (the red lucky envelopes) when I was a kid but now that I make my own money, it’s not so special anymore even though it’s still nice ^^;. That being said, I still haven’t even peeked at how much I got already and I still have some from previous years that I haven’t touched yet (previous CNY, birthdays, and holidays).

Since my whole family (and relatives) are all so busy, we haven’t officially “open the new year” yet with a big feast but we did the usual praying to the celestial beings (the real gods, not tentaisebutsu). The above dishes are more for that purpose than satisfying the taste buds ^^;.

Left: Dried oysters with some black hair-like thing. Right: Black beans.

Left: random assortment of sweets. Right: home-fried shrimp chips, rice noodles and fried fuu jook (basically tofu paper).

Left: “salty water dumplings” right: fat tay

Homemade mochi stuffed with coconut, peanuts, sesame seeds, and sugar.

Probably won’t get to eat the good food till this weekend but that’s fine, since CNY goes on for a couple of weeks anyway :).

Hope you all have a great one!


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