36 thoughts on “More Gunpla Get

  1. The Tieren is a Pan-Russian masterpiece! Glad you finally bought one; you will not be dissapointed. The Tieren HGs are surprisingly poseable and well-enginnered. Funny how it can outpose the Gundams from the first season, but it doesn’t even have the capability to jump without huge external flight systems and turbines.

      1. Depends on the joint. Obviously the head can’t move, but that’s built into the design itself, so it’s not something we can blame.
        I just know it can sorely outpose my HG Reborns Gundam, which is hilarious considering the technological differences.

  2. My boyfriend gets so mad when I call anything that’s not a Gundam a Gundam. Like when I just now made a model for the first time and was trying to explain the picture to him as “It looks like the Gundam is attacking them and they’re all running away!”…when he saw it he informed me that it wasn’t a Gundam and they were on the same team. ^^;

    1. haha that’s pretty funny and awesome at the same time. For the most part, you can safely tell something is a Gundam if it has a “V-fin” on its forehead ^^. Hope you can continue to enjoy and have fun in this hobby with him!

  3. Hi Z, I just have a quick question about top coating and putting decals on.. I know this is not the right place, but I really need help..

    My question is if I already Flat top coat my gundam, can I go back and apply some decals on without introducing the silvering effect? I heard I can use mark softer to prevent the silvering, is it true?


    1. do you mean waterslide decals or rub on?

      Waterslides tend to look not as good on a flat surface due to the “rough” texture after topcoating. It won’t silver…. it just won’t look as good (borders be more visible). So yea… the softer might help a bit.

      Rub on will look more/less the same…

  4. Should have gotten the GN Archer (specifically for Arios), but the Taozi will do nicely (Like that version though, compared to the original Taozi)

    Congratulations on the ReZel Commander type too…

    P.S. FEI, The HG’s true name should have been the “Tieren All-Region Type”; it only got its current name since it was only seen at the hands of the Wild Bear of Russia…

    Just my cent… ^^

    1. I’m not really fond of GN Archer’s design… looks like a female GM. Though I supposed it can be a buddy to Nobell…

      Cool history lesson the tieren!

      1. I just did the GN Archer, I didn’t really notice how similar it was to a gm until I started playing dynasty warriors gundam 2 again. I wanted to build it mostly because there aren’t many mobile suits that have that feminine look.

        1. i think gn archer looks more like a masked gundam like astraea type f than it does a gm, and technically it is a gundam, but it got downgraded XD
          it’s original design, gundam artemie looks so cute, but apparently Z doesn’t like it either =(

  5. I love getting new models in the mail, it’s kind of like Christmas. The problem is I have to hold off now until I build some of the models I bought last year >__<.

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