Hotategai (帆立貝), or scallops, taste pretty awesome. If you ever go to Japan, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for these in dedicated candy shops because they do and will cost a bomb in the US.

Despite the packaging, this is not candy but a whole scallop that I think is smoked/grilled to perfection. Chinese people should know it as “gong yuu chee”.

Soft and chewy, this stuff is absolutely amazingly delicious. Not to mention addicting. It’s like saki ika (shredded squid) but 10x better. Would love to get more but damn, it’s ~$26 for a bag of 40… >_>

Any of you had this stuff before?


16 thoughts on “Hotategai

  1. i like it in my congee shredded of course. It is so good, it adds a nice saltiness to the congee. Pei Don with it is so good .

  2. Where’d you find these?

    Zhi, you have to keep me updated about the things in Uwajimaya, since it’s hard for me to get there since I live all the way downtown.
    I just went there today and didn’t find the GN Sword IV Full Saber…

    1. Yea, got this at uwaji. I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t find the GN Sword IV… there was only three and I bought two of them…

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