00 Gundam 7 Sword/G Omake Up!

I kept my words :). The omake for 00 Gundam is finally finished. Whew! As always, it is at the end of its review page. Enjoy!

P.S Some of the dialogues are best understood if you’ve seen the 00 movie with the gSS subs ^^;


3 thoughts on “00 Gundam 7 Sword/G Omake Up!

  1. …Hey Z, have a look at GG’s blog; our Straight Build entries were accepted into his contest! Personally, that makes my evening more than this bit of news. :P Though whoever also used and beaten me to using the TAG 1/144 line-up can stick his tongue out at me in that regard…Though I have the urge to say using the 1/144 TAG and customizing the color scheme on the chest to make it like the MG shouldn’t count.

    At least I’ve done my representation for the CC period in a Gunpla photo contest and can say I gave it a shot before being creamed by better photographers. :P

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