Kalé Curry Rice

Got words that there is a relatively new “curry house” (aptly named “Kalé”/カレー; the place turns out to be a cafe) in town so my friends and I thought we could swing by for a bite ^^.

… But not before we got lost finding it first.

Besides a small selection of coffee, there is really only one other thing on their menu: curry. Nothing else.

While small, the decor is certainly cozy.

Here’s one of my friend’s beef curry doria. Curry with mozzarella and cheddar cheese, and baked in an oven. The dish was pipin’ hot from the start to finish!

More angles. I got a bite of it and though I was skeptical of cheese and curry at first, the two actually blends REALLY well!

Portion size is hearty enough.

My plate looked rather bland compared to the above ^^;. This is just regular beef curry with rice and a hard boiled egg for a hard boiled guy like me. That spoon is amazing!

That’s one nicely cut egg…

While my friend’s baked curry was piping hot, mine was about lukewarm and cold by the time I finished it u_u. Not liking how there is not a single bit of veggie in my curry though… surely some bits of carrots and potatoes wouldn’t hurt to add in right?

My other friend had the same curry minus the egg. At the end, we were kinda disappointed; the curry was a bit lacking and in need of some kick. For a place that glorifies only one dish, it should have been better. So for that, we’re more than determined to make our own next time… AND make it better!

… Actually, this is like becoming a trend with me and my friends. Try something new, then attempt to make it ourselves ^^;. It’s all in good fun though.


24 thoughts on “Kalé Curry Rice

  1. I wish i knew what people mean by curry. All the recipes just go like “put curry on top”, but what is curry ? I got this curry powder spice, how do i get the sauce from it ? With what ??

  2. curry is a form of soup or maybe a form of gravy.. Originally from India if i’m not mistaken… Usually eat with rice…. how to make the curry maybe different but in Malaysia usually the curry dish is prepared with coconut milk.. emm and demn it tasty!

  3. The first thing I always think of when I hear curry is “spicy”. I’ve never EVER had spicy curry before, even in Indian restaurants where I have to bring a friend who speaks whatever language is spoken there that happens to not be French so my hand movements aren’t misunderstood.
    Ever try Mapo Doufu? Now that has kick to it.

    1. It’s not the curry. it’s the spices. If you want spicy curry, then let me cook you a batch. I can make curry hot enough to send someone to the hospital…

  4. never thought Cheese and curry will mix too.. though I imagine now the mild saltiness of cheese mixed with the curry spice might be a nice treat for my tongue

  5. nooooooooooooo… kale? kare? ka reh? curry. funny.

    damn id love to eat either of those. 1 week away from japan and i already miss it! nooooooooooooooo…

    wait. you arent in japan. there is hope!

      1. I got one from my kitchen drawer and ate some soup with it last night. I have one of these. no more, no less. Good for ice cream:P

  6. Come to Malaysia and we’ll show you different types of curry, and you’ll never want to go back to the same store to try those curry again, guaranteed!

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