Custom MG Deathscythe Hell Custom

This is a modded MG Deathscythe—> MG Deathscythe Hell which I find impressive not because of how “custom” it looks but rather how “stock” it looks despite being a mod ^^.

Very clean!

Since the main body is practically a painted MG Deathscythe, this is probably very close to the real MG Deathscythe Hell that is coming out this month ^^.

The wings were modded to look sharper and longer.

It might look like bare plastic but the model is actually painted. The semi-gloss contributes to that “stock” look ^^.

And here is how it looks like before. Do note that the modeler made this last year before Bandai’s announcement of their DSH just in case you were wondering “Why not just wait for the MG DSH?!”. Here’s to more hype for the MG Deathscythe Hell this month!

More photos over at G-Custom.


24 thoughts on “Custom MG Deathscythe Hell Custom

  1. First image somehow looks a bit odd to me, but the rest do look very neat!

    Just a little more than 2 weeks left before Deathscythe Hell Custom is out! :o

  2. Oh, you’re making me impatient about getting this kit in the mail! Argh! I think the Nobell would fit inside the wing sections quite well when they’re folded up.

    1. if you look at the last picture you can see that he added to the wings to make them look that way (note the gray on the tips of the wings.)

  3. a nice clean build bet he can’t wait for the proper MG either so me took matters on his own hands and made one himself :D

  4. this is the a true mod.
    i cant even tell that it was a mod the first time. thought you were messing up with us Z.
    this is amazing. i wish to see myself do the likes of this someday.

  5. so its coming out soon
    and i just realised i STILL dont have any plans for the hands.
    what were you thinking cuz I’m fresh out of ides thanks to school

  6. urrgghh!!
    its G-Custom again XD
    this guy has some really awesome stuff..
    even some ive seen when i was in elementary school!(dont even ask how old i am)
    my favorite of his gallery has to be the MG wing TV + ver. Ka… it is just very very creative..

  7. I thought this was CG-rendered picture, then i read the entry. Thats some nicely done modding there. Whats even more surprising was that this modeller made the DS-custom before bandai announced an MG of it.

    I love the wings of this mod, looks more deadly this way

  8. I remember seeing multiple pictures (in forum threads) and scans of magazine pages of pictures; both of some souped-up hybrid of the MG Wing ver. Ka (or Zero Custom) and the HG Deathscythe Hell a few times (and I’ve also seen it done with the other EW Gundams). A couple of them might’ve had slightly different color schemes, but I’m more certain in the ones showing up in the different mags had bigger and more wicked-looking wings (more-so than this kitbash, even though this one is impressive).

    By the way, didn’t I suggest a few months back that you doing something like this might not be a bad thing if you always prefer your Deathscythe to have the Wings of Hell? :)

    (And before I forget, thanks for the advice you gave me in an e-mail; I’ll at least give it some good thought and continue doing stuff on DA before going for it.)

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