GAF MG ReZEL Group Build

Truth be told, I never understood the point nor appeal of group builds ^^;. Instead of just asking about what it is like, I thought I might as well join one to see for myself xD. And here I am with the MG ReZEL Commander Ver. for the GAF MG ReZEL Group Build. whoo!

Body is finished. I’ve always dreaded transforming models because of the collapsible parts here and there that compromises structural rigidity but the ReZEL feels solid enough to hold itself.

Nothing too special about the arms except that the shoulders are built in with them. I think the shoulders almost looked over-designed compared to the rest of the suit ^^;.

I should’ve been a bit more careful with the legs; I cannot dissemble it now that it’s been put together. The front leg armor “clips” into the leg so trying to remove is very difficult and run a risk of snapping the part. There’s also the rear pipe piece that locks the the two half sides together that is impossible to get out because it’s deep into the legs. After assembling, I can’t remove the feet from the legs because it has to be turned 45 degrees before it can be pulled out… and the feet can’t rotate that much. This only makes topcoating a bit more cumbersome.

3:00 AM… time for bed. Goodnight.


49 thoughts on “GAF MG ReZEL Group Build

  1. Z, can I blame u for the money I spent on my MG ReZEL Commander? Cuz I were poisoned by your previous posts about MG ReZEL… *kidding

    About my kit, I drilled the ‘monoeye’, installed a LED on it’s head but I still have to find place to install the battery and cables. Maybe beneath the neck assembly…
    For now I’ve completed the whole inner frame (and the big ass 27cm-long beam launcher), if time and money (and everything else) permit maybe I’ll join u guys at GAF too.

    1. Well, the fact that you already have an MG means you can already join… if not automatically joined ^^. Just drop a message on the board!

  2. Hmm. Okay now I’m really confused. I wanted to buy an MG Rezel but I couldn’t decide if it should be the normal one, or the commander type. Any recommendations?

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