Master Grade Gunpla Wishlist

All of us have a MG wishlist… or just a Gunpla wishlist in general. Some of the mobile suits we want a model of could take Bandai months to years depending various factors. Some will probably never even see the light of day (barring resin and custom mods). Here’s my MG wishlist that will probably remain just that- a wishlist. Why? No mainstream exposure, relatively obscure (so “not popular”), no easily accessible media depicting them, and most likely cost prohibitive… so this is not your typical “I want MG 00 Raiser/Wing Zero/X/(popular Gundam here)” that will probably materialize at some point. Now, in no specific order…


A mobile suit designed by Karaba with a few hints of Zeonic elements thanks to its ex-Zeon designers. This is one badass looking unit but being from MSV material, it probably only remained as a paper plan. I did had the joy of using this unit in SRW MX and it was such a beast! It helps that its most powerful attack is a beam saber beat down :D. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be any SRW MX videos on youtube of this unit. Couldn’t we agree that a MG of this guy would be pretty awesome?


A Hyaku Shiki Ver. 2.0 sounds probable but a model of this? Maybe in my dreams. Or if I learn to mod and use pla-plates. This variation of the Hyaku Shiki Kai is just so strikingly gorgeous!

mm hmm… a MG of this is definitely a big welcome.


There is actually some bit of hope with this one if Bandai is willing to jump the gun on it. Just mold some new armor bits (that looks to be enough parts for a 1/144 model) and slap it on the MK II Ver. 2.0! That’s how they got the MG Full Armor Gundam!

Screw the Super Gundam! I think this is the best variation on the most vanilla Gundam in UC! The armor turns it into a sundae with cherry on top! There is hope for this one though…


This or a MG Gerbera Tetra would suffice. I like this Gundam simply for its awesome tail binders. Sadly, this Gundam never saw completion as its plans were scrapped for the aforementioned Gerbera Tetra. Besides lack of popularity, I don’t see how such a simple MS doesn’t have a MG yet… or even a HGUC for that matter. Maybe it will have its day in the spotlight whenever Ver. 2.0 of GP01/02/03 comes out…

It’s not a bad looking Gundam!


I hate Hathaway… but his Gundam is a totally different story. Xi Gundam… or Gundam Zeorymer… is one unique and sharp (literally) Gundam. Psyco missiles? kewl!

Outside of SD G Gen, this Gundam is pretty much unknown except to the hardcore enthusiast. So “wishlist” is probably where a MG of this will stay… for awhile.


“Just get the GFFMC!”- No! Not the point! This is probably not getting an MG treatment due to cost prohibition… and by extension, affordability. Well, not really. I actually do have hope for this one though. In [Bst] form, it’ll practically be like the MG Ex-S requiring a base. Not to mention it will also be pretty much fixed in one pose. Since meaningful poseability is all but gone, I’d say Bandai can get away with using the old MG Z-Plus, recoloring it and then molding the [Bst] parts for it. Yea.. I wish…

This unit is such a looker… the MG Ex-S is feeling a bit lonely and out of place in my case.

Wouldn’t you want a MG of this too?!


The original can barely hold itself together so you can forget about it being able to pose it. With the Zeta movies basically wiping ZZ out of canonical existence, I find it hard for it to see popularity momentum for Bandai to ditch out a 2.0 of this. Not to mention with the way the average price of Gunpla increasing, a new ZZ could very well be in MG Ex-S price territory @.@

Still… with the kinda-recent HGUC release of the ZZ Gundam, it shows that Bandai still acknowledges this series a bit so hopefully at least a regular ZZ 2.0 is in the works with this following. C’mon, I know we all love BFG’s!


“A Gundam Mk. What?!”- MkIII. Here’s a good example of a rather obscure unit that looks great as all hell but will probably never see a model release because no one knows about it… or anything about it for that matter. I don’t even know a single thing about it!

I supposed the closest I’ll ever get to a MG of this Gundam is if Bandai decides to release a MG Delta-Plus…


An MG of this… hmm… yea… In my (and your) dreams. If Bandai is ever brave enough to release an MG of this, I swear I’ll never talk negatively or badmouth them for recolors/cheap variations ever again for the rest of my Gunpla life.

I can only imagine that its MG box will probably be the size of the PG 00 Raiser… if not bigger.

Hmm… if a 1/144 Dendrobium can cost ~$300, then a MG of this could hit… ohhhh $400?


Speaking of Dendrobium… While a 1/100 of the full thing is definitely out of the question, shouldn’t a “weapon system” version be more feasible?Probably not…

Surely, it would be “less” expensive than the Deep Striker, wouldn’t it?

cost prohibitions aside, space and size would also probably be an issue for many ^^;.

And that’s my wishlist. Well, not my COMPLETE list but just some of the more “obscure” ones that I wanted to point out or ones that people don’t really think about. Yes, they are all Katoki-designed UC units. This is simply my own personal wishlist and pessimism toward their “meanstream” gunpla release. Of course, I could be wrong since I don’t know what Bandai is up to. I would LOVE to be wrong as well… the sooner Bandai proves me wrong, the better ;). For now, these GFF will do for me.Any of the above you would care to see an MG of?

One last photo…

Caption this.


141 thoughts on “Master Grade Gunpla Wishlist

  1. Hmmm.. MG Wishlist?

    I wish there is a Flag (the black flag or flag in the movie) Master Grade series…. Why? The enemy for Gundam 00 series only GN-X with a ridiculous model! I hate this GN-X! Just thinking, the main character, 00 Raiser and Quan[T] has been released, why the enemy hasn’t built yet?

  2. i’d love to see hazel.. just “hazel” tho, not the hazel kai like the hguc.. and maybe assault buster v2, it would look great since the ng 1/100 looks not bad already imo

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