MG ReZEL Completed… Almost

You know, for some odd reason… whenever I skip a day of blogging, I develop this lazy tendency to not blog for a longggg time. I’m not even sick of blogging, but I just become soooo lazy to post anything even though I have a lot to talk about @_@. Well, I’ve just finished all my essay midterms last week so the last thing on my mind was to type more (blogging) and then I unwind myself of the stress- one of my Japanese friends turned 21 so we took him to “places” that he wasn’t allowed in before that age. No need to go into further details. Anyway…

Bought this dorky/coolsome looking respirator for the sole purpose of topcoating indoor. I’m tired of waiting for those warm, sunny days to come. Hope I don’t freak out my mom when I walk around with this on…

Bought a new cutting tool also. Didn’t learn of OLFA until just now even though I’ve been using their blades for YEARS. Apparently, the company is well regarded by modelers for their blades so thought I try it out. The blade on this cutter is sharp indeed, much sharper than my tamiya design knife and cleans off nub very nicely but… too much wobble in the blade so it’s not exactly suitable. I NEED the blade to be clamped entirely still! I guess I can use it for other handy work like cutting MG fingers apart and such.

See… I’ve been using OLFA blades for years without even realizing it ^^;. Apparently, my Tamiya design knife is such a repackaged OLFA knife…

All assembly is done (including the wings and head) except the backpack because I’m missing some parts, and the only thing left for me to do is wait for the clear parts to come in (hopefully this week) to finish it completely. For the meantime, I’ll be applying the decals and clear stickers while I wait.


56 thoughts on “MG ReZEL Completed… Almost

  1. I have that respirator mask too! …except I’ll probably never use it again and only used it once when I was spray painting OUTSIDE.

    I don’t see how you can topcoat inside…doesn’t the spray get like…everywhere? And isn’t that stuff bad for you? …haha, I sound so whiny right now. I’ve always been an extremely cautious person with anything toxic. I’m afraid to breathe the air outside because it’s so smoggy and whenever I smell any sort of toxin (spray paint, cigarette smoke) I freak out and start holding my breath. Even though my latest blood exam said I was perfectly healthy, I’m still rather worried that I may have some cancer or some crap because I used to spray outside without a care in the world…and maybe breathed some of the fumes in by accident. Sadly, it’s one of the curses of having a hobby. I don’t spray paint anymore, but use acrylics. I’m still not sure if those acrylic paints are toxic or not, but I try NOT breathing when I paint. xP

    …aannnyywwayyyss….my ranting about my retarded phobias aside…the ReZel looks like it’s coming along well. I’m torn between choosing the Commander type or Regular type since the C type has BFGs but the normal one doesn’t take up as much space with a huge-ass wingspan. :(

  2. Great to see that you’ve got yourself a respirator, it’s good to keep out those poisonous fumes and chemicals while spraying, I used it for my airbrushing and topcoating indoors inside the bathroom. If that the silicone version you’ve got there? It’s much more comfortable and doesn’t leave a mark on your face after wearing it for long hours as compared to the cheaper version.

    Tamiya uses blade from OFLA, if I remembered correctly, it’s possible to buy OLFA replacement blade to use on tamiya design knife and much cheaper too.

  3. Nice respirator dude. And look on the bright side: If you ever have to go to a costume party or something, just smudge your face and clothes a bit and wear that thing. BAM, instant costume. ^_^d

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