Hobby Japan March Issue Get

Picked it up for the GN Sword IV stickers to complete the set… well, I’m still missing the 1/144 Quant but that can wait ^^;. These kind of magazines also contains a wealth of modeling tips and tricks that I can pick up on to try on and hopefully make it a “natural” process for me… though it seems highly unlikely at the moment ^^;.

And here are the stickers… or sticker. It’s just one giant sheet and you have to cut them out to your liking, which is all fine and dandy with me since I do that anyway. Since these are inherently clear stickers, you can kinda see through them… meaning it is very light and you can still see some blue plastic/paint under the sticker after you apply them.

Oh what a coincidence with my previous post o_o. Only this one looks over 9000x better than the one I mustered up xD. I dare to say this looks better than the original Zeta! Actually, I can almost kinda replicate this… I do have a Z-Plus afterall… hmm… *lightbulb lights up*



35 thoughts on “Hobby Japan March Issue Get

    1. so the additional 1,500 yen will be the inner frame, gn sword 3 and effect parts and gn condenser parts? Do you think it will have a lighting gimmick like the pg? And from the looks of it, they based the design form the 1/144.

      1. I could cee clear parts, and greenish stuff in the GN Drive. Probably LED isnt included but can be bought separately. Dun forget Designer color ver has 3 LEDs (including Head), GN Sword 3 and additional stickers and still priced 5000 yen before tax. That extra 1500 yen is for inner frame i think. Like MG I.Justice, i expect the backpack to have no inner frame to avoid excessive back-heaviness. I was surprised, because i was expecting at least 7000 yen (or even 8000 yen) for this MG.

        1. I just looked at a picture on someones elses (i think raining plastic’s??) blog and it shoes tha tit at least comes with 1 LED. It shoe sit on displayh with the gn sword 3 and on 2 panels next to it. One with condensers to replicate movie and another with only 1 LED on it IF the other one wasn’t in the actualy MG i am totally ignoring it.

      1. im just ranting here. cause it may cost them less with the seven sword but they chose this path. anyways whatever happens people will buy. so wut other choice. the metal build is, a collection item, imo, not something you throw in a contest unlike the upcoming MG Raiser.or thats just me. ^_^

        1. i don’t get the logic behind this whole chain of comments lol XD
          if the mg seven sword came out first, we would be wondering what’s the use for metal build lol. many people that would have bought this probably wanted the MG of it. the announcement of MG 00 raiser just gave a ton of hope to people wanting the seven sword MG(like everyone here =D). that alone has probably killed piles of poetential sales for this thing already.

          obviously canon designs have to come first, side story stuff comes after. it usually only happens if it recycles many parts from the canon design and has overwhelming demand. this isn’t really choosing a path and i don’t think it’s just predictable, more like it’s a given. the metal build is a really odd case. it’s the first and possibly only kit in its series and it uses a sidestory design but also includes parts for the normal version. its way overpriced and doesn’t have the complete set of weapons for both forms(missing blaster and shields). if they announced 00 7s/g instead of 00R this month, i’m not sure the metal build will sell at all XD. i really don’t think whatever happens people will buy… maybe bandai realized it and that’s why they don’t care about its sales and decided to finally throw out the MG 00R.
          i actually think they might have had this thing ready before 00Q(as suggested from their respons to the top 3 most wanted MG poll), but they had to make way for 00Q to coincide with the movie.

          i was actually expecting MG delta plus or stark jegan(final appearance?) in april to coincide with unicorn ep3 and then another kit probably from wing in may. this news really surprised me and now i don’t know what bandai is up to at all lol. also, since 00 Rasier is ready, does that mean V2 is just around the corner? IIRC the poll i mentioned had these results and responses from bandai:
          1. V2 – in the works
          2. 00R – looking into it
          3. the O – already set for release
          basically the poll was wasted on stuff people didn’t need to beg for to get. *roflmao(sadistically)=D and then rage at ppl that wasted the poll*
          so anyway, it seems to suggest V2 is ready and is just patiently waiting for it’s turn while all the “cool kids” get to go first =P

          oh look, another tl;dr
          im really getting good a this =)

          1. PBS, you can compete with Siroh32 for the lengthiest comments on this blog xD. You made plenty of good points above. a MG 00 Raiser is a given, only a matter of time… and guess that time is now. Appeal to the “mass/mainstream consumer” first and then satisfy the rest later. I agree with you that the poll was wasted on things that would’ve been released eventually anyway… but ya know, some people are impatient.

  1. hi Z!
    did you remove the seam lines of your HG 00 1/144’s?
    i’d really like to collect them all and ’em inspired by your
    00 seven sword and a-a-aaaarios!!!
    i’m a noob and won’t bother to spray paint
    (maybe brush paint for some detailing which i also need
    advise from you)

    sorry for the hassle, and thanks very much! been a follower of you blog since i saw your funny tell a story pics lol

  2. I actually got mine as well. Though it suck that you have to still paint it. Well, those stickers aren’t the same “white” as the ones you’ll get for the water slide decals. Painting is still required to match those, but I didn’t bother do mine.

  3. I what for the models to come into domestic online store. I try ordering a few model at HLJ the shipping was killer. so ill just what a month. it not like i need to get them right when there released in Japan.

    as for the MG 00 Raiser. lol alrdy have 3 version of the 00 Raiser. HG 1/144 Trans am NG 1/100, PG 1/60 unless they release a 7 sword version i more then likely not getting it.

  4. (I swore I posted this comment before and it failed to show up… Oh, well. *shrug*)

    Well, with the exception of “ReZEL Plus” at the bottom, I’m actually feeling a bit underwhelmed. I mean, yeah, I like that you have more Gunpla material you’re bound to use in a review sooner or later, but to me, it feels a little bit underwhelming in comparison to the EW Gunpla news I’ve recently caught up on, the MG Epyon announcement that got me a bit excited, and my five-part 1/144 Kapool review that I finally managed to finish and upload to my corner of the “blog without the blog stuff” website. :)

    In fairness, though, I feel underwhelmed because I’m not that excited about 00 Gunpla, especially the Quant. I’m sure you can turn me around, though…

    I’m interested in seeing you try to kitbash your ReZEL with your Zeta Plus and the results of such efforts. After I get frustrated in trying but failing to unlock new features for my new Wii game (a certain racing game everyone got a couple of years ago), I’m sure something like this (or at least a new review) would peak my interest. :)

  5. Nice get! Hm, looks like you’ll be doing something very interesting to your ReZEL at this rate, besides the fusion of the Commander and regular parts.

  6. are the full saber stickers clear enough that they look obviously out of place againts the white plastic or white decals that go on the other parts of 00Q?

    btw i like how the gun’s handguard on rezel gundam actually conceals the head in wr mode, kind of like wing ver ka. and i think it’s got the commander wings added to the box boosters, which is how i wish rezels would look like.

  7. I’m curious how those stickers would look on a 1/144 model, considering most of us would use decals over stickers any day on a mg and 1/144 is smaller, so the sticker would seem even bigger. Was thinking about picking this up but then I wondered about that.

        1. Thanks! I actually doubted it when I first painted the parts. But when they I got them all together, I swore to never speak bad about blue mica.

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