Gundam Clear Stickers and Decals

I’ve been noticing this trend for a couple of years now but I think it is finally beginning to get on my nerves. For better or for worse (usually worse), Bandai decided to switch things up with the decals and clear stickers. What I mean is… Before, clear stickers were for the little “caution” and “danger” markings all over the model while the decals were those stylized symbol/insignia/logo/model number markings. Now, the two are switched around; the design markings are on the clear stickers and the little markings are decals. Case in point, MG ReZEL’s decal and clear sticker set above.

Also MG Sword/Force Impulse’s marking set… plus most models (with some exceptions) in between it and the latest MG. Another example? The MG Exia.

See what I mean? This is problematic in a few ways:

1. The insignia/logo markings doesn’t look as solid as clear stickers compared to if it was a decal… and in worst case scenario, it also looks like crap.

2. Cutting out, positioning, and rubbing down the little “caution”/”danger” decals… worth the time and patience? Worst case scenario: since you only have one shot, if you screw up then you are… well, screwed. Especially true if you have to apply the same decal on the other side or something (arms, legs, etc)… you’ll be left with asymmetrical detailing.

3. You develop the tendency to buy waterslide decals where you normally don’t have to…

There is one good point though… the model has less clear stickers on it and the little markings are more solid looking than before.

However, that point is almost a bit moot since Bandai has also improved their clear stickers by quite a bit over the years- the borders are very, very close to the design now and so it doesn’t look as bad as before.

All the markings on the waist are clear stickers. Notice how close the borders of the stickers are to the actual design? But see how “thin” (transparent) the EFSF logo looks? It would’ve looked more solid as a decal. However, I’m starting to think that clear stickers are better than the decals that come with the model…


Is it just me or has decal/marking designs in general for the models nowadays look kinda… boring? Before, they were something like these…

Compare the above to some of the more recent MG markings that comes to your mind. Real designs, cool emblems, awesome insignias… but it seems like nowadays, we just get designs that basically amount to a little more than the model number of the mobile suit in white plain text. I can’t be the only one who feels this way… right? o_O

Just need to get this off my back.



51 thoughts on “Gundam Clear Stickers and Decals

  1. YES!
    The new Wing Gundam will have molded hands for the saber, gun, closed hands, and spread out hands (including the original hands it came with).

    1. If you are referring to the recent Wing model post on GG then I would like to dash your hope by pointing out that they might be “custom” hands (pulled from the TV wing/DS EW models). That particular model itself has been remodeled by a pro afterall.

  2. Bandai’s trying to milk our money by making us buy water slide decals which won’t work on me since I want my model kits to look as clean and accurate as possible.

  3. Hey everyone, anybody have any info on Gundam Mk-V?
    Anybody built the 1/100 garage kit before?
    I’m getting my hands on one but I’m not sure if I should build it or keep it for resale value.
    Anybody have pics other than samples to show me???
    Sorry for spammin your blog Z..

    1. keep it for resale value? How many people out there actually knows such a garage kit even exists? or go “I want a Gundam Mk-V now”? xD

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