Gunpla Chat 03

Wow, what an image. Facing off against THAT is certainly a “FML” moment… ^^;. Anyway, It’s that ttime again. Time to discuss the development in the Gunpla world since last time…

First off, the release of the MG Deathscythe Hell. About time! My childhood favorite! Oh how I’ve been longing for one… and now I’m not getting it. Nor any other Gunpla for that matter (more on this in a later post). The usual influx of reviews are out already and I’m sure most of you have seen them already so I don’t think I have to bother linking them here again. The above photo of it is very informative… very “home look”; I can see all the nubs that I need to watch out for and where the parts separate.

Upper arm armor part- HOLY TERRIBLE GATE PLACEMENT BANDAI! Okay… just about every MG model’s upper armor is similar to the above but just about all them have the gate/nubs off to the side or just hidden. Why the Hell did they place it on the front this time? That’s just… baffling. Even though the modeler did a great job on cleaning the nub, it is still clearly visible.

This is what I have in mind for the DSH whenever I decide to pick it up… though with some slight alterations.

Anyone find that crooked decal on its chest to be kinda out of place? xD. Guess there’s really not much room to slap it on haha. Oh how I have to keep reminding myself that Nataku will be the “better” version otherwise I would’ve added it to my “get” list…

While I can’t say for certain at this point, the RG seems to be taking design cues from both the MG and the PG; it’s not quite a 1/144 version of the PG Strike but still poised to be a lot better looking than the MG Strike. “Challenge something new” eh? I wonder what that will be.

So how would you describe the color of the Jegan ECOAS?

I am no fan of the Jegan by any stretch of the imagination but along with the Stark Jegan, this one is also HOT! but alas…. I’ll have to remove it from my “get” list along with many others.

Many 00 fans’ prayers have been answered with the recently announced MG 00 Raiser… which was bound to happen sooner or later anyway when MG Quant was announced. I’m sorry but… at first glance, I have a hard time telling it apart from the HG 1/144 00 Raiser w/ GN Sword III. Yea, the HG looks THAT good. Only upon closer inspection did I realize the MG bits (hands, inner knees, head, abdomen, feet, and forearms). One thing I do like is that the GN Sword III’s blade looks heckuva lot better than the MG iteration of Exia’s GN Sword’s blade (too wide and not long enough).

Is that seriously how long (short) the Raiser Sword effect part is? The GN spatulas are just as long =(. Hmm.. I supposed if Bandai made it any longer then people will just whine about how the arm can’t hold up the sword with the effect parts on.

Even before more promos and details are out, I can already see one thing is for certain… back-heaviness. Can’t help it since it’s inherent by design. Can’t entirely blame Bandai. Now for the price… 6500 yen ~ $75 + shipping (varies) = ~$85-95. Ouch. I’d sooner build the PG 00 Raiser…I think. Master Grade models are ever so slowly creeping toward 3-digit price tags as the norm…


^ Some of the reactions I’ve seen gave me a really good laugh. I thought more people would be more thrilled about this news but guess that’s just me. I am THRILLED! Giant beam saber! GIANT! Well, at least I can hope Bandai can exaggerate the size of the beam a little more than the anime to make it even more badass. I’m looking forward to it fully… even if I am not getting it (yet…).

Yes there are some alterations, but still looks like Epyon to me. I’m kinda hoping Katoki will do away with that silly Twin Dragon transformation (it’s not fooling anyone!)  like he did away with WZ’s Neo Bird mode in the WZC for the sake of model structural integrity but that sounds highly unlikely. Oh well.

Hmm… funny… no UC Gundams to talk about this time around? Anything here that is piquing your interest?

Alright, until next time…

Images grabbed from G.G.


79 thoughts on “Gunpla Chat 03

  1. caught this in the comment box at GG

    not sure what happened, but in the glory of the defeated manga, EW epyon has become the child of TV epyon and 00Q…maybe it has trans-am =D

    i also think of altron as the “better” version of shenlong, but as a kit, i see them as blue frame and red frame, they have their own colours and equipment. of course, the “better” versions of all 5 gundams have upgraded equipment, but the perk of the early versions is that they have colourful trims on their armour where the upgraded ones are all in one colour, which looks kind of plain.
    if i collected a set of 5, i think i would go with early wing and heavyarms, then get altron and deathscythe hell. i havent decided on sandrock, it all comes down to whether the shield and smg will be more badass than the cloak on the upgraded version, if they are included with the kit. otherwise, i’d go with purple, for a more colourful team.
    if i was rich, and had pro modding skills i would add the equipment from the opposite version to what i chose above =)
    wing: take and split wing zero’s TBR and stick them on the sides of the shields like the TV version of wing zero
    DSH: take the buster shield like you would, and also steal the thrusters on the backpack, to further replicate the TV look
    altron: recreate the TV version’s scorpion beam tail thing but with shenlong’s dragon head instead. then add some dragon wings like the TV version. that would make it an amazing replica of a dragon =)
    heavyarms: i just want to turn that awsome gatling gun into a pair like the TV version. screw the tiny ones from the upgraded OVA version lol
    sandrock: just give the smg and shield to the purple version =)
    my point is that you don’t have to collect all of one set because they are the strongest version in the story, you can mix and match what you think looks good from either set. and if you could afford it, you could combine the best of both sides =) (who wouldn’t want to…=P)

    i can’t wait to see jestas in action, they would make an awsome team with ecoas jegans, stark jegans, and rezels. to bad they can’t appear together because of terrain restrictions =(

    1. Totally agree with you, who cares about where it came from, as long as it looks good! About the jegans and the rezels, maybe you (or DC23, toymaker, ebase, etc) could make a dio of the manufacturing plant/factory where they build them? You could even have other gundams attacking the factory (seems like a logical place where an enemy would strike).

      1. the chance of me doing it is zero. i’m still i’ve just started sanding parts and painting with a toothpick XD you should suggest it to those pros though. these MS would look awsome blasting away through a factory. i was thinking of of them having a firefight with some geara zulus in an urban setting though. maybe a secret factory hidden under a big city? =D

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