Leaning Tower of Gunpla Boxes

Hmm… I’m sure it’s perfectly okay for it to stay this way. No need to worry about it toppling over. Nope. Not at all.


58 thoughts on “Leaning Tower of Gunpla Boxes

  1. Oh man, they’re all still intact. I have to flatten my boxes, saddest thing in the world. T_T When I get my own place though, i’ll make a mosaic, it’ll be epic.

  2. And just so nobody gasps at my apparently-out-of-character message (it was one sentence with no digressions or parenthesis additions, after all), here’s an idea: Why not just slowly take away those Gunpla boxes from the top-down and make a project out of rearranging them? They’re just stacked up and only leaning against each other…

    …So why not just clear a corner and build it up again? While I don’t have anywhere near such a stack of Gunpla boxes overall, I’ve done something similar with my overall stuff I came with (which are in boxes) and stacked them in a closer-to-pyramid shape. If you need it to be a bit more skyscraper-ish to move around in your room, then not too high, but top it off in a pyramid-esque way anyway. Maybe find a couple of other items to lean onto the boxes? *shrug*

  3. Hi Z,

    Is there a photo of all your ‘completed’ Gundam collection on display?? It’ll be great to view that….

  4. as long as friction triumphs over gravity and the center of gravity never exceeds the base, all is well…until a physics defying plot device comes along…this is gundam after all XD

  5. Wow…haha, that’s a nice stack you have there…reaches the roof already, eh?

    You probably have another corner reserved for the GFF boxes, eh?

    Have you tried putting some of the smaller HG boxes into the MG boxes? O__o?

    1. I’m not Z, but it’s an easy answer: both. A good chunk of the tower ended up as one of his reviews, and then some. But notice boxes like MG Deathscythe ver. EW at the very top, which he has yet to build and review.

  6. I sure hope mine won’t lean sooner or later but considering I stacked them so close to the ceiling, I shouldn’t worry about that. I can see that yours is using the ceiling to hold on as well. XP

    Then again, maybe a reordering of boxes wouldn’t hurt if you get the time to do it.

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