No More Gunpla Buying

That’s right. I am not going to ordering any more gunpla for the rest of the year. I am neither short on cash nor space but I need to scrap every pennies and dimes I can from now till summer. I’ve already cut off my april pre-order list that included the RG RX-78-2, RG Zaku II, RG Aile Strike, HGUC Jegan ECOAS, HG God and Nobell, HG 00 Quanta, D-Arts Rockman X, and MG Deathscythe Hell Custom. For the time being anyway. I’ve also ditched my plans on going to Anime Expo again this year. My wallet will be taking the biggest beating it will ever receive since the purchase of my Honda Accord Euro in 2007 so I gotta get ready for that.

I am going to Japan. For the first time. or so I hope I will be able to. You see, my friend asked me to come along since my other friend from Japan will also be returning home for a visit so this will be a great chance for me to get a “home look” of Japan and have a buddy to show me around. I cannot pass up on such an opportunity as this sounds so much better and more fun than going by myself one of these days.

Everything is tentative at the moment but I am planning on staying for AT LEAST two weeks… 3ish weeks would be great if I can muster enough cash by then. We’ve guesstimated that the whole trip (plane ticket, hotels, food, spending, etc.) will take $2-3000… of course, varying factors will change things a bit. Our goal: Have fun and enjoy ourselves without a care for money. I’m not saying we want to spend unreasonably, but say like… if we want to try some awesome yakiniku or ramen, we shouldn’t need to worry about not having enough money.  Saying that, I’m aiming to save up $3000-4000 in cash by summer… roughly ~$2000 will already be devoted to necessities like tickets, hotel, transportation, food and money lost to exchange rates/fees so I’ll be left with $1000-$2000 for “fun”. Personally, I don’t think I can reach that goal considering I still have spring tuition to pay and summer courses as well… orz.

We won’t be confined to just one region of Japan; we are going to tour Japan! Our tentative list:

Kobe (starting point; my friend’s hometown)





Shizuoka (Gundam)







Whatever is left of Tokyo

Okinawa (if we have any money left)

Basically, our plan is to tour from west to east while indulging ourselves with the regional specialties. Oh you can bet I will eat to my heart’s content and then some @.@!  Gluttony ftw. There are also certain people I would like to say hi to while there but since I’ll be running around with my friends, I’m not sure how to fit that in. Whatever moolah I have left over will be spent on omiyage (souvenirs) THEN pick up the Gundam models that I left out =). Again, everything is tentative at the moment but I’ll be doing my best to make this a reality. If I succeed, my wallet will probably spend the rest of the year in the ER so my “no more Gunpla buying” bit still holds true.

Will let you know when/if I’ll be disappearing.

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84 thoughts on “No More Gunpla Buying

  1. Great news Z.I wish you success in your travel planning and its implementation ^^
    I have also such a plan but for this year I need to pass it since I have to buy a car so no Japan for 2011. But I will visit it, it’s one of my life goals XD

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