Back to the Destiny Plan

He has returned… with a vengeance…

Review coming soon.


39 thoughts on “Back to the Destiny Plan

  1. What did you do to remove the frosted parts? Careful sanding? I’ve heard you could remove the Mr. Topcoat by soaking it in windex over night, though I have not tried it myself.

    1. I tried sanding the whole part with 1200 grit sandpaper first then reapplied. The more serious ones I just wiped down completely with rubbing alcohol until it is clean and bare again then resprayed.

  2. Whoooooooaaaa, sinister. I feel kind of obliged to start on my Destiny MGs(have only picked them up for the cool looks, but kinda got discouraged after hearing that the frames are pretty much the same.)
    I recently got the march issue of HJ for the markings for the Fullsaber, but it turns out we can get the waterslides soon enough… well, then again, even waterslides don’t really look that great with still a little of translucency. Planning to cut on the edges, mask around it, rip the sticker off, and spray white… and there’s always those annoying bastard symbols too… time to steal my girl’s tiny brush for puny food items.
    Jumping into a huge deal tomorrow btw, PG Strike and PG WZC for $300 together.. I live in Canada btw so you get how big of a deal that is.
    Has everybody donated to Red Cross yet btw?

    1. don’t get discouraged by the “same frame” factor. Their overall looks, proportions and armaments are WAY better than their older counterparts, in fact if you really want the best seed/destiny ms, I always advice to go all out with the mg’s.

    1. yeah man…dont you think your taking a lil bit too long to recover from japans earthquake? theyre doing it….why not you?

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