Earthquake in Japan

Heard about this on Thursday- One of the strongest Earthquake hit Japan, followed by a tsunami and now nuclear meltdowns. I’m sure there’s no need for me to tell you about it nor do you need to see photos of the destruction. Lives are lost and missing, homes totaled, and vast landscapes devastated. It’s unfortunate, terrifying and horrific. I have a few friends who lives in Japan but since they live in the Kansai region, they weren’t affected as much and are thankfully safe. Let’s hope the same goes for our comrades as well. My thoughts, condolences and regards goes out to those who are directly affected by the natural disaster and to those around the world who are indirectly affected by it. I wish everyone a god speed recovery and best of luck to the rescue teams who are probably working around the clock to help those in need at the moment.

If you have some pocket change to help out the rescue and relief cause, then here’s some links you can help support those in need. I can certainly give up going out to eat for awhile. Money to a greater cause is far easier to recover than say… lost properties, and loved ones.,1092.msg14225.html#msg14225


46 thoughts on “Earthquake in Japan

  1. It’s terrible to see so many people lose their homes and lives…. However, from what I saw in some areas the people were quite calm and cool, which is a big relief for me. We’ll need quite a lot of time to regain our global composition from this one.

  2. a little off topic….. i just viewed the blog on an ipad 2…… IT WAS SO AWESOME….. it has its own touch screen configuration

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