Hello Kitty Inochi

You know what? I’m really tired of Gunpla. I’ve had enough of it. so I’m moving on… to Sanrio.

I went to the Sanrio store the other day and discovered what a huge variety of items they have! Plushies, stationaries, notebooks, clothings, cell phone charms, toasters, ovens, candy, you name it! Impressed, I’ve decided to turn this blog from being about plastic models to all things Sanrio and Hello Kitty! Look forward to reviews from me such as their seasonal plushies, and their assortment of chewing gum! Things are going to be different and more lively here than ever!

The world of Sanrio has a huge diversified cast of characters, each with their own unique personality!

Here’s my second favorite after HK: mashumaromitaina fuwafuwanyanko!

Also got myself this HK Monopoly set! There’s a HK version of everything!

Totally using this the next time I do an oil change for my car!

And my ultimate goal! I’m gonna work my ass off to Itasha-ize my car into something like this then my life will be set!

I’ll register for the new domain, hellokitty-inochi.com in a bit and ditch this “gunpla” nonsense. My old model reviews will stay up for a bit longer then I’m removing them as well. It’s all about Hello Kitty now!

Look forward to my first new review tomorrow! :D


54 thoughts on “Hello Kitty Inochi

  1. wow. update. at last.
    my prank on facebook ont april 1st:
    hey, i only asked nee-chan for MG Zeta 2.0 or Karaba ver, but she bought me PG Zeta instead for present!

    10 people falls for that. XDDD

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